A Closer Look At The New Hayabusa™ Kunren™ Training Shirt

Kunren-Label Kunren-Shirt

This new loose fit training shirt from Hayabusa™ is as versatile as it is sleek in terms of it’s understated design.

Comfort & Fit
To hold in your hand and to wear, the
Kunren™ Training Shirt feels only slightly heavier than a Rashguard. The soft Samaru-Dry™ Fabric feels soft and some elasticity to it, giving it a very comfortable feel too.

As well as it’s general loose fit feel, you will also notice in comparison to a Rashguard, that this Training Shirt is loose fitting around the wrists too.

The design has been kept simple, with a single Hayabusa™ falcon logo on the chest and a small Hayabusa™ logo across the back of the shoulders on the reverse.

You will notice from the close up images that the logos are applied using a vinyl screen printing process and the size information and wash instructions are dye sublimated on the inside back.

Kunren-Shirt-Hayabusa Kunren-Shirt-Falcon

The design may be simple, but there is no mistaking that this is a quality Hayabusa™ product. A quick inspection of the finishing inside and out reveals typically neat, tidy and durable looking stitching used throughout.

Kunren-Shirt-Stitching Kunren-Shirt-Stitching-2

With it’s moisture wicking fabric and comfortable feel, the Kunren™ Training Shirt offers an exceptional value for money alternative for those who do not favour tighter fitting Rashguards. It is also ideal for those who are in the lookout for a multipurpose indoor or outdoor Training Shirt.