Academy l Club l Gym Directory COMING SOON

Do you run a Martial Arts Academy or Boxing Gym?

If you do then we would like to hear from you!

We are in the process of compiling a directory of Martial Arts Academies and Boxing Gyms throughout the UK and Europe. The directory will appear on our site and will be categorised in to Country, Region and Discipline.



How do you benefit from appearing on our directory?

Basically if people are searching for Martial Arts Academies or Boxing Gyms on the internet then you can never be listed on too many directories!

ai??? The opportunity to further increase your visibility on the internet, making you easier to find

ai??? You will get updates from us about Wholesale Offers for equipment for your academy / gym on a regular basis



What do we get from it all?

We ask for nothing in return from you other than to supply us with the relevant information about your gym / academy. Building up a directory of this kind on our site allows us to become another valuable source of information for MMA and Boxing enthusiasts across the UK and Europe and it gives us the chance (only if you are interested!) to provide you with information about offers on top quality training gear, equipment and clothing at trade discount prices.


If you would like to appear in our directory please email [email protected] with the following information;

1 – The Name of your Academy / Gym

2 – The Martial Art(s) you specialise in or if you are purely a Boxing Gym

3 – The Full Address for your Academy / Gym

4 – The names of the main Contact(s) / Instructor(s)

5 – The Telephone Number for the main contact

6 – An email address for the Academy / Gym (one that is monitered regularly!)

7 – The Website Address for the Academy / Gym

8 – A Brief Description of your Academy / Gym (preferably kept to a maximum of 40 words)


Once we have what we feel is a sufficient amount of information to launch the directory then we will be getting it all live on our site asap.



Wholesale Discounts for Gyms and Academies

If in the meantime you are interested in the Wholesale Discounts mentioned in this post, then please email us on [email protected]







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