Benefits of Strength Training for Martial Arts

Ai??Despite what you might think, we are not talking about developing brute strength to overcome your opponents at the expense of good technique here. The benefits of Strength Training for Martial Arts focuses on improving your technique and getting stronger without unnecessarily bulking up. Check out the list of good reasons below to include this kind of training in to your regular routine.

Better Protect Yourself Agains Injuries

You are in the midst of your final training session leading up to a fight and you slip or execute something you have been working on with poor technique.

In that split second all your hard work and build up could amount to nothing.

This is a chance all athletes take when pushing themselves to the limit, after all, we are all only human and mistakes can happen.

Athletes at all levels will take measures to reduce injuries and other negative impacts on performance, Strength Training can be just one of those measures.

By increasing the strength of your muscles around your joints , this can help to give them extra support and stability when something goes wrong. This extra support could make the difference between injury prevention or being sidelined for weeks or even months.

Maintaing Overall Physical Health

Whilst many have tried, it is impossible to fight the ageing process, although you can be pro-active in helping your body to maintain it’s optimal physical condition as you get older.

A regular resistance training programme is an excellent way to maintain and improve the things that sadly decline as your body ages, including your strength, bone density, joint function amongst many other health benefits.

In addition to the above, some of the wider benefits of developing a well supported, strong joint and muscular system include helping to reduce the chances of diabetes, various back pains and arthritis to name but a few.

Gain A Better Understanding Of Bio Mechanics

It goes without saying that to get the benefits of any exercise regime, it is important to make sure your technique is correct. This is especially true with regards to Strength Training. Poor technique could do you some serious harm and fly directly in the face of the benefits of undertaking this kind of training in the first place.

Having the correct awareness of how your muscles, joints and posture all work together when performing various resistance exercises will enable you to get the most effective results and benefits.

Gaining an awareness of bio mechanics in relation to resistance exercises can positively translate to improvements in technique in the Martial Arts. With Martial Arts techniques also heavily relying on an understanding of the physics of how the body pivots, transfers weight effectively, deflects and applies force etcai??i??

Train Harder For Longer

Strength Training can increase the level of work load that your muscles can partake in over a period of time. Combined with a good aerobic exercise regime, you will obviously find yourself being able to perform at a higher level for longer.

A high level of endurance can benefit you by reducing the effects of fatigue and the various results of lapses in concentration that can follow this.

Mental Strength

Anyone who has recently taken up a resistance training regime will understand that to make those incremental gains takes a positive mindset as well as physical strength. As you churn out that final rep after you’ve increased the resistance weight, you might start to hear that little voice saying “you can’t do this” or “it’s too heavy” etcai??i?? A strong positive mindset along with the help of a trusted spotter, can really help you to push through that mental / physical pain barrier.

There’ll be times when you can’t beat the weight, but you’ll stick to your plan and you will progress and move forward over time. This regular repeated cycle of pushing yourself to the point of failure, moving up a level and seeing physical improvements can have massive benefits on how your philosophy as a Martial Artist.

Progressing as a Martial Artists can be a long road with difficulties and set backs, but employing an approach that focuses on improvement through steady and consistent goals as well as regrouping when you come to a stumbling block is certainly something that can go hand in hand and backed up with a good Strength Training programme.

What Kind Of Strength Training Should I Do?

As a Martial Artist, you will want to make sure that your programme increases your strength without bulking you up too much. Gaining too much size is unlikely to benefit you and will even restrict your movement and slow you down. We advise that you consult with a Strength and Conditioning Coach and clearly set out your goals and why you want to develop your programme.

Low Set Volume andAi??High Speed and Explosive Reps are just a couple of pointers to take in to account when drawing up your programme, good luck!

Don’t forget, that having the right equipment and apparel for the job will be a factor in the effectiveness of your programme too. Give yourself the best chance to train to your maximum with performance enhancing Fight Shorts, Rashguards and Compression that helps to aid freedom of movement and reduce injury.