Translated from Japanese the word Hayabusa refers to the peregrine falcon and symbolises the ideal meshing of what fighters strive to achieve in their relentless pursuit of combat supremacy. In its very essence, hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter. ai???Fighters that understand the importance of quality, durability and performance all gravitate towards Hayabusa products,ai??? says Craig Clement, CEO of Hayabusa Fightwear. ai???Once a fighter chooses Hayabusa, they quickly understand why the brand excels over regular MMA brands and never look at alternative brands the same way.ai??? Looking at Hayabusa, it is clear this is a company that wishes to stand out from the field. With their distinctive black, white and red designs, their uber-stylish products donai??i??t just look good, they excel in performance, too. Each and every one of their products undergoes rigorous planning, development and testing procedures to ensure their designs are perfected. For starters, Hayabusaai??i??s research and development team spend countless hours in the engineering stages working closely with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to develop the initial prototypes for testing. Once the research team completes the development of a prototype that they believe achieves all the specifications outlined, Hayabusa then works with top MMA pros, subjecting every piece of gear to the most rigorous and thorough testing procedures until they are completely satisfied that the product is technically superior in every aspect of performance. ai???No other MMA company works with world-class design engineers and manufacturing like Hayabusa, combining the best technologies with the best materials available today,ai??? says Clement. ai???Hayabusa has earned its reputation because the brand is dedicated to excellence and refuses to compromise.ai??? This unwillingness to compromise when it comes to quality and durability is what distinguishes Hayabusa. They use only the very best material in all their products ai??i?? from the finest leathers to the highest-grade fabrics, their commitment to excellence is second to none. As the market becomes saturated with low-quality equipment, some of the inferior fighting-products on the market can result in injuries due to their poor design. When you put your body on the line every day during training, you want to be confident that your gear will provide the best performance and protection possible. Hayabusa are helping to engineer better fighters, taking fight performance to new heights. ai???Hayabusa has established itself as the world leader in MMA due to a relentless commitment to producing only the very bestproducts, both in terms of quality and design,ai??? says Clement. ai???Along the production line, stringent quality controls are in place to ensure every product meets the Hayabusa standard. All steps are in place to guarantee the ultimate in MMA performance.ai??? This is the reason why UK based company MMAA Fightwear chose to take on the brand and become official European distributor for Hayabusa. Managing Director Andy Underwood explains, ai???We first saw Hayabusa in the States and were really impressed with the design and quality of the products. It is amazing how much effort and detail goes in to them. I am happy to work with Hayabusa and take them from no sales in Europe to the level it is now at todayai???. The next time youai??i??re on the lookout for new equipment or apparel, be sure to choose a company that has built a reputation on superior quality and peak performance. Choose a company whose unique designs embody the true warrior spirit. ai???There are many levels within the fight-brand spectrum: Hayabusa stands alone at the top. Fighters choose Hayabusa because they want the very best,ai??? says Clement. The truth is once youai??i??ve tried a Hayabusa product for yourself, youai??i??ll understand what the hype is all about. Youai??i??ll feel proud that you have put your trust in the world leader in high performance MMA . And deep down, youai??i??ll understand why Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter.