Hayabusa Flex Fight Shorts Preview

Hayabusa Flex Fight Shorts PreviewTake a look at the sneak preview of the soon to be released Hayabusa Flex Fight Shorts.

These shorts are nothing like anything that Hayabusa have released before and have a number of stand out features that set them apart from the rest.

In particular these new shorts will feature an elastic waistband that has an inner drawstring, meaning no bulky velcro straps and enclosure systems to contend with. For many this will mean increased comfort and less hassle.

The larger ‘X-shaped’ stretch panel in the crotch area of the shorts, combined with the super stretch fabric used to construct the rest of the shorts will mean increased flexibillity and manoeuvrability.

These shorts will be available in two styles (pictured above).

The release date for these shorts is still yet to be confirmed, so keep in touch with the latest Hayabusa news via this blog page, our Facebook page or by signing up for our newsletter via the link below.

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