Hayabusa Kanpeki Shorts

Hayabusa Kanpeki Performance Shorts – In detail!

We’ve taken a few photo’s of Hayabusa’s new Kanpeki Performance Shorts here at MMA Fightwear, we don’t claim to the next David Bailey but we thought you might want a look in a bit more detail of these impressive new shorts!

We wanted to show the quality of the stitching of these shorts, explain some of the feature and give you a closer look at the embroidered “Hayabusa Kanji” shown on the front and back of the shorts.

For those of you who own or have seen a pair of Hayabusa Fight Shorts, you will be familiar with images 6 – 8 showing the drawstring and velcro and enclosure system in a little more detail.

Below is a brief description of each of the image thumbnails shown, although this article relates to the Hayabusa Kanpeki Perfomance Shorts, the features highlighted below relate to the majority of the Hayabusa Fight/Performance Shorts that we stock at MMA Fightwear.

Image Key

1 – Front view of the shorts, in this view you can see the black stretch panel on the inner parts of the shorts leg, customary on all Hayabusa and most other ranges of MMA shorts.

2 – Reverse view of the shorts.

3 – Close up of the embroidered Hayabusa Kanji on the reverse of the shorts.

4 – Close up of the smaller embroidered Hayabusa Kanji on the front of the shorts.

5 – Close up of the inner stitching – this small thumbnail doesn’t do the quality of the stitching justice in our opinion so we’ve shown a larger close up picture of this below. As well as the understated design of the shorts, the quality of the craftsmanship and stitching of these shorts is really so much more apparent when you view them close up.

This view also highlights the split seam of the shorts – a feature that is shown on all Hayabusa fight shorts

6 – The horizontal velcro enclosure panel.

7 – Both velcro enclosure panels and view of Hayabusa’s Guardlockai??? Inner Grip Waistband System

8 – View of the velcro enclosure and drawstring system. Hayabusa’s drawstring system is constructed in such a way that the entire drawstring is looped around the inside of the shorts once already and then passed through again allowing you to tighten and adjust the shorts in a way that gives extra support.


Hayabusa Kanpeki Shorts Image

Hayabusa Kanpeki Shorts Image

We hope this has given you a better picture of these new shorts from Hayabusa, but if you need a closer look then you are in the right place to buy a pair for your self!!