Hayabusa Pro Hybrid MMA Gloves

Hayabusa Hybrid Pro MMA Gloves crafted for unrivaled protection, Dexterity and Performance. In today’s battefirld, you cannot afford to be a one dimensional fighter. You must become a master tactician wherever the battle takes you. Anything less is simply unacceptable. Following the same path as any true warrior, the Hayabusa Pro Hybrid MMA Glove is designed to be as versatile as your game. Each Glove is engineered with the highly regarded Dual Cross Directional Closure System for superior wrist protection, enhanced striking dynamics, and superior feel. Unlike the majority of training gloves which are constructed of low grade foam, Hayabusa’s Pro Hybrid MMA gloves possess a state of the art, high resiliency polymers.This allows the glove to immediately recover and retain its shape and force absorbent properties when striking. During groundwork, their tapered fit and state of the art lining ensure zero slippage and allow for maximum hand aeticulation, grip and control. Feel the true difference of versatile performance at it’s finest. Get the Hayabusa Pro Hybrid MMA Gloves.