Hayabusa the Worlds Best PRO MMA Gloves

HAYABUSA MMA GLOVES A LEGACY OF SUPERIOR ENGINEERING ROOTED IN TRADITION. NO OTHER COMPANY POSSESSES THIS SAME RELENTLESS COMMITMENT AND PASSION TO PRODUCE ONLY THE HIGHEST CALIBRE PRODUCTS. The Katana was the true embodimant of bushido; the perfect fusion of a warrior’s spirit and superior craftmanship. And just like the legendary champions of ages past, Hayabusa Fightwear has adopted this very same philosophy…employing an unparalleled and reverence onto each and every handcrafted 4oz PRO MMA Glove. Whether you’re stepping in to the UFC cage or training for perfection, each Hayabusa pro level glove in made from the finest leathers and highest grade fabrics for maximum durability and quailty. For the utmost support and shock diffusion, each Hayabusa Pro MMA glove also possesses the exclusive dual cross directional closure system and Advance Foam Complex. Plus, every finely engineered piece of Striking equipment is subjected to the most technical and ergonomically focused development and testing procedures to ensure that they perfectly contour evrry angle of your hands for unparalleled Fit, Feel and Performance. This is the true feeling of precision engineering; developed through ancient tradition and modern technology. Hayabusa Fightwear – performance you can feel.