Hayabusa Tokushu Series Videos

Check out the latest Hayabusa Tokushu Series videos, giving an in depth look in to the science behind the worlds most advanced range of combat performance gloves.

Until recently, combat equipment has largely been neglected by the fight industry and overlooked by the scientific community.  Recognizing this, Hayabusa understood the importance of partnering technology and science.

Working with leading Universities, Hayabusa has uncovered the know-how, based on cutting edge scientific discoveries, to create a series of gloves that simply outperforms and surpasses all regular gloves.

Hayabusa’s tokushu™ series pushes the threshold of combat equipment performance and injury prevention. With state of the art features and exclusive inner composites, the tokushu series is unlike anything ever created.

Hayabusa’s tokushu™ series is the result of Hayabusa’s complete commitment to research and equipment performance.