Hayabusa UFC 140 Jones Machida news letter

Hayabusa UFC 140 Jones Ai??Machida news letter

Brian ai???Bad Boyai??? EbersoleAi??is one of the most interesting fighters in the UFC. Brian is a true veteran of the sport and has over 60 professional fights to his credit. Ebersole possesses a mixed bag of tricks and can devastate his opponents where ever the fight takes place. Brian has 20 wins by submission, so you think he would only be a grappler, but he also has 14 wins by KO, so heai??i??s dangerous in all aspects of MMA. ai???Bad Boyai??? has the ability to take you down, choke you out, knee you in the clinch, destroy you on the feet and/or knock you out with a destructive arsenal of punches and kicks. In his last fight, Brian was granted a special ai???of the night bonusai??? that everyone was glad he won; ai???The Thank you for getting those shorts off of TV so quicklyai??? bonus againstAi??Dennis Hallman. Ebersole takes hisAi??9 fight win streakAi??(and winner of 13 of his last 14) into Toronto against hometown boyAi??Claude ai???The Princeai??? Patrick. Brian was originally scheduled to face fast-rising starAi??Rory MacDonald, but due to injury that showdown will have to wait for another day. Unless his girlfriend shaves it off again, the ai???Hairrowai??? will most likely make its appearance at UFC 140. Brian is an easy going, friendly character and loves to joke, laugh and put out crazy YouTube videos, but when the cage door shuts ai???Bad Boyai??? is tough, durable and relentless in his pursuit of victory. At 31 years of age, it is hard to call Brian an up-and-comer, but in the UFCai??i??s welterweight division, that is just what he his. It took Brian a long time, and a lot of fights, to get in the UFC and he is taking every advantage of the opportunity and could possibly work his way up to a ai???top tenai??? opponent with a win over Patrick in Toronto. Brian ai???Bad Boyai??? Ebersole trains and competes inAi??HayabusaAi??combat equipment and apparel.Ai??HayabusaAi??is proud of the continued partnership with Brian and, again, wishes him the best of luck in his forthcoming battle.

Constantinos ai???Costaai??? PhilippouAi??is coming off a hard fought, three round split decision win overAi??Jorge RiveraAi??at UFC 133. That fight gave Philippou his first win in the UFC and now he looks to capitalize on the momentum againstAi??Jared HammanAi??at UFC 140 in Toronto. Constantinos is a former professional boxer with fast, accurate hands and, as he trains with the Serra-Longo Fight Team, an ever improving ground game. ai???Costaai??? has only lost once in his last 10 fights (8-1, 1 NC) and the loss was his UFC debut. He has learned from that loss, shaken off the UFC ai???jittersai??i??, got his first win in the UFC and now looks to blaze a destructive path through the Middleweight division. Philippou has the striking skills to keep anyone on their toes and he will need them against Hamman. This fight will be a tough challenge for Constantinos as this is Jaredai??i??s second fight at 185, coming down from light heavyweight, so he is a big middleweight. ai???Costaai??? will be looking for the finish this time as his last fight was a hard fought split decision victory.Ai??HayabusaAi??is excited to, once again, partner with Constantinos ai???Costaai??? Philippou and wishes him the best of luck in this pivotal middleweight contest.

HayabusaAi??would also like to wishAi??Igor Pokrajac,Ai??Yves Jabouin,Ai??Mitch ClarkeAi??andAi??Jake HechtAi??the best of luck in their upcoming bouts at UFC 140. These excellent fighters each chose to compete inAi??HayabusaAi??combat equipment and we wish them the best of luck at UFC 140.


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