MMA Head Guard Buying Guide


To protect your head and to help prevent concussion and other serious injuries, Head Guards are a kit bag essential, especially if you are planning to spar on a regular basis.

We have put together this simple buying guide to give you an idea of what to look for when choosing this important piece of equipment.



It will come as no surprise that padding is important when choosing a Head Guard. As well as determining how well your face and head will be protected, the amount and type of padding will also have a bearing on the weight and comfort too.

Varying thicknesses in padding exist from product to product, you may find that the padding feels soft from brand new, where others will initially feel quite dense, but over time and use it softens up.



As with a lot of equipment, personal preference will determine comfort, but it is important Head Guard should feel as comfortable as possible.

How it fits and contours to the shape of your head, the type of inner lining (smooth or softer moisture wicking material style) and the amount of padding and coverage are all factors that will affect comfort.

The type of chin strap or padded chin area will also effect how comfortable the Head Guard will feel.

Comfort will also be determined by breathability. The level of which can be regulated by design features like ear holes and open top construction.



You will notice that different brands have different amounts of padded areas and coverage. Different brands will have varying amounts of forehead and cheek coverage around the face for example.

As well as offering varying amounts of protection to the different areas of your face, the amount of padded coverage will also affect your visibility as the wearer.

This is important to you as a fighter because being able to see a punch or kick before the impact will help your body to brace itself and of course, give you a better chance of manoeuvring to avoid being hit all together!



Ultimately when choosing a Head Guard, you are looking for one that will provide the utmost protection yet feel light enough to not be an annoyance or hinderance on your peripheral vision when fighting.

We have a choice of Head Guards available on our site from brands like Hayabusa & PRO MMA. Check out each of the products on offer and take time read up on their features to find out which one is right for you.