mma gloves

MMA Gloves Infomation on MMA gloves BY MMA Fightwear:- There are dozens of types of MMA Gloves out there and we have tested most of them – We have found they breakdown into two types, firstly cheap and nasty gloves that are made in Pakistan, these gloves tend to be really poor quality they are made using the cheapest materials with no testing or quailty control, we have found they give little or no support to your hands and in general do not last very long, we even found that the stitching caused an injury to an opponent on one pair. Secondly – the more expensive branded MMA Gloves, these cost more but we think you really get what you pay. We tested the gloves and for us the clear winner is Hayabusa Fightwear the Dual Cross Directional Closure gave great wrist support which help us to punch with maximum power, we also found that the unique Y-Volar design on the plam of the gloves really keeps them tight to your hands when they open for grappling but also when our fists are clenched, this is a unique feature that we only found on the Hayabusa Gloves and worked really well. Five stars for this design feature! The hand crafted premium leather construction gave the gloves a superior feel and also helped with durability, the standardised foam complex for optimal impact performancel to protect fighterai??i??s hands against injury when punching and with every pair being Regulation weight they are all Independently tested and approved you can have the confidence that these MMA gloves form. Hayabusa Fightwear are truly the best MMA Gloves you can buy from our tests.