Spider Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

With the mid to premium price gi markets really taking off over the last few years, the lower end (or first gi market) has always been filled with bad quality products, inaccurate sizing and lack of design choice.

A new company, Spider Jiu Jitsu, has released a gi at an incredible price, which could really help restore that balance.

Firstly, we looked at the pearl weave jacket and the stitching is perfect on our sample gi; not a single missed or loose stitch. Ai??Added to that, the reinforced areas are in all the right places and the strong but soft, non-itchy, ripstop material taping on the sleeves and jacket skirt make for a great long lasting jacket.

The ripstop trousers continue the trend of Spider Jiu Jitsu’s quality with perfect stitching and a nice addition of pearl weave knee pads. This added weight felt a bit odd to start with, but when rolling and drilling it really helped the knees hold up to the week’s hard training.

The fit of the gi is slightly bigger than our 6″ 2′ reviewer has become accustomed to, with the more tailored fit better suiting his body type. However, many people prefer a more traditionally cut jacket, and if you are always struggling to find a more generous fit then this gi is really for you.

The gi performed perfectly while rolling. It stayed together well and our reviewer hardly noticed it all, which is always what you want when training. It never felt too hot, even with the heavier weight cotton used. The trouser material is a great weighted ripstop; light but heavy enough not to be easily gripped by your partner.

The drawstring is made from reinforced canvas, which could be the only negative we can draw from the review. After a few cold washes the drawstring became a bit stiff, which means it’s harder to tie tightly. Not the end of the world.

All in all, this gi rises up well above its budget price point to be able to compete with the more premium priced gis and is perfect for a grappler on a budget or as first gi that will last years.

See our Spider Jiu Jitsu brand page for our full range of Spider Jiu Jitsu Gi’s and Belts available to buy today!