Sprawl Fusion 2 Fight Shorts A Closer Look

Sprawl Fusion 2 Fight Shorts – A Closer Look!

Check out our review of the new Sprawl Fusion 2 Fight Shorts. We’ve taken a closer look at the New Sprawl Fusion 2 Shorts, have a look at the pics below to get a better idea of the quality and detail of the much anticipated follow up to Sprawls’ legendary Fusion Fight Shorts range!

Before you begin being impressed by the features that we’ve shown below, we’ve taken the time to highlight some of the differences between the new Fusion 2 Fight Shorts and the previous Fusion Stretch Series Fight Shorts


What’s changed since the original Fusion Stretch Series Shorts?


With a much sleeker and simplified design than their predecessors, these shorts still maintain the distinctive ‘Sprawl’ look, the logo on the sides of the shorts and the favoured contrasting coloured piping. Once again, Sprawl have employed the ‘less is more’ approach to achieve a distinctive and refreshingly simple set of designs.


As per the Fusion Stretch Series Shorts, the Fusion 2’s are made from the same tough but light weight (4-way stretch) material that is slightly heavier than what you may find on most other MMA shorts. The latter is by no means a drawback, as the slightly heavier than normal material increases it’s durability and helps to reduce ‘ride-up’.

Features – Smaller Split Seam

Another of the more visible differences on the Fusion 2 shorts is the reduced split seam on the side of the shorts. Implemented to further reduce ‘ride-up’, whilst still aiding an increased range of motion when performing full kicks and other techniques and manoeuvres.

Features – Ring Seam on Leg Lining

As with the smaller split seam, you will notice a further new feature that has been introduced to reduce ‘ride-up’ on these shorts. As you can see on Image 6 below, the stretch panel does not go all the way to the edge of the seam of the shorts and is in fact lined by the black ‘ring seam’ that goes all the way around the leg of the shorts. Although slightly reducing the stretch panels ability to stretch at the base of the leg, the ring seam does mean that these shorts will fit more securely and are less likely to ‘ride-up’.

Features – Improved Velcro Enclosure System

In comparison to the Fusion S. S. (Stretch Series), Sprawl have given the Fusion 2’s a thicker waist band and subsequently thicker and wider Velcro fastening areas. The thicker and wider Velcro panels give more surface area for the panels to stick together, therefore increasing the stability and reliability of the fastening.