UFC 99

I watched UFC 99 over the weekend, live from Germany and although it was great to be able to watch the show at a reasonable hour and not recorded I think the show was set up for viewers in the USA and not so much for the rest of us in Europe. With the UFC having three great UK,MMA Fighters on the card – Paul Kelly, Wolfslair Liverpool, Terry Etim, Team Kaobon Liverpool and Paul Taylor, Team Supreme Walsall, none of their fights were televised apart from showing 15 seconds of Terry Etin’s submision of the night, I was really dissapointed, I though at least we would have seen highlights of these fights. From talking to a lot of MMA fans and fighters its great to see lads from UK MMA gyms fighting in the UFC and it really helps to build the sport over here but if we never get to see these fighters or their fights it does not really help to build the sport in the UK, I hope that the UFC TEAM UK lads who all got three fights in the UFC get a chance to shine on the televised cards at some point i would really like to see Dave Falkner from the Wolfslair do well, he’s a great lad! I know lasttime i spoke with him he was really looking forward to fighting on the finals of the Ultimate Fighter I hope he has a good fight and it is televised.