UFC MMA News Round Up

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

A brief round up of highlights from this weeks MMA news

The Good – GSP vs Silva it could happen

Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, “I think we’re pretty close” (Dana White speaking last Tuesday on Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight” show. Enough said really!

If GSP can defeat Carlos Condit in their likely match up at UFC 154 in November, then it could set the stage for what would be one of the biggest fights in UFC history. It looks as though St. Pierre will be fighting in November after a 19 month injury lay off against the interim title holder, Carlos Condit and if all goes to plan then the GSP vs Silva fight could follow.

The potentially record breaking fight would require St. Pierre to move up to middleweight, or for Silva to cut down to Welterweight, however Dana White believes the two fighters will agree to meet on middle ground;

“They’ll probably do the fight at 180 (pounds),” he said. “At one point, it sounded like Anderson wanted to go to 170. He wanted to take Georges’ welterweight title. Then it was 180, the catch weight, because Georges doesn’t want to go to ’85. Georges said, ‘If I have to make a move to go to ’85, I’d have to stay at ’85.’ So we figured a 180-pound catch weight makes sense.”

This exciting contest may be subject to a few ‘ifs and buts’ at the moment but there’s denying it’s a real possibility, we keep our fingers crossed!

The Bad – No title shots for Machida any time soon

It’s bad times, in the short term anyway, for Lyoto Machida as it looks as though he won’t be getting a bite at the Light Heavyweight UFC title in the foreseeable future. During the early stages of the UFC 151 Jones vs Henderson fiasco, Machida was the first name to be brought forward as a replacement for Hendo to line up against Jones. Machida and his camp decided that they did not have enough preparation time to get ready for the fight and passed up on the opportunity which is means “the Draogn” will have to take a less direct route to earn another a title chance or as Dana White put it, “When you turn down the opportunity to fight, things start going in another path”

Lyoto won’t relish being a spectator at UFC 152 watching Vitor Belfort standing in his place against Jones, but he knew deep down that not being 100% prepared would increase his chances of a second loss against Jones. Such a defeat would no doubt hurt a lot more and have potentially drastic effects on any future title ambitions in the Light Heavyweight division.

The Ugly – Jason Miller causes mayhem and pays the price

After being arrested on August 13th earlier this year for allegedly breaking in to a church in California, former UFC & Strikeforce fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller faces the prospect of probation or up to a year in jail. Miller charged with a misdemeanour count of vandalism, was found naked on the second floor of the church back in August along with the remnants of the mayhem that he caused with broken windows, scattered cd’s and books amongst other things suffering in the wake of this bizarre episode! Picking a fight against the God and Law tag team was just too much for one man to take on this time!