UFC on FX2 Alves Vs Kampmann

Sydney, Australia Friday March 2nd 2012:Ai?? Alves vs. Kampmann

The UFC introduced the lighter weight classes recently and they have been received with great enthusiasm. The speed, technique and athleticism of 145 lb. and 135 lb. fighters is amazing.

Now, it is the flyweight fighters chance to shine. These 125 lb. warriors are ready to blaze ahead, but they need a champion.

The UFC has decided to take four of the greatest flyweight fighters and have a tournament. Ian ai???Uncle Creepyai??i?? McCall was one of the first fighters tapped to enter the tournament. With a mixed run in the WECai??i??s Bantamweight division, McCall decided to head down to a more natural weight of 125 lbs. This proved to be the best decision of his life.

He is undefeated in the flyweight division and is ranked #1 by many pundits. McCall is explosive, determined and always willing to engage. Ian has held championships in other organizations, but when the UFC taps you on the shoulder, you know it is time to go to the big show.

ai???Uncle Creepyai??i?? has a tough test ahead of him when he takes on Demetrious ai???Mighty Mouseai??i?? Johnson. Ian has proven that he can hang with the best in the world and will look to prove that he belongs at the top. This will be the first step in the journey towards UFC gold. Hayabusa is excited to partner with Ian ai???Uncle Creepyai??i?? McCall and wishes him the best of luck in his journey towards a coveted UFC championship.

Hayabusa will be well represented as Mackens Semerzier, Jake Hecht, Steve Siler, and Nick Penner all chose to train and compete in Hayabusa. Top athletes chose the best equipment in the industry; Hayabusa. Continuing with the tradition of creating the best, Hayabusa is proud to announce the launch of the new tokushuai??? series.