What’s so special about MMA Shorts?

What are MMA Shorts?

Most sports  require clothing and equipment that is tailored specifically to it’s own needs and nuances, and MMA is certainly no different. Although it may appear on first glance that MMA fighters do not require a great deal of equipment and clothing, you may be surprised at the level of detail and features that specifically designed MMA shorts will boast.

MMA shorts are designed with two main goals in mind, to be able to endure intense wear and tear and to be as unrestricting and as comfortable to wear as possible.

Check out the list below for the type of features that you could expect to find  on most MMA shorts.

Stretch Panels

Often made from a stretchy spandex like material, you will find the stretch panel on the inside leg and crotch area of your MMA shorts. As with the split seam, this feature helps to ensure that the fabric of the shorts moves as freely as possible with the fighters movements without ripping and tearing, especially when kicking and stretching.

Split Seams

Split seams on MMA Shorts are visible at the bottom of the outside leg of the shorts. Although the length of the split varies, typically the seam is cut or ‘split’ up to around 12cm from the bottom of the leg of the shorts. The split seam feature is there to give the wearer an increased range of motion during use and can also reduce any chances of the shorts tearing  when kicking or stretching at awkward angles.

Dual Velcro Fastening

Usually comprising of a vertical Velcro fastening strip down the front of the shorts and a horizontal Velcro strip across the waist band of the shorts. This type of enclosure system ensures that the shorts are securely fastened once on, something that we are you will agree is pretty important given the intense full contact nature of MMA. The majority of MMA shorts also feature a standard drawstring to give the wearer the added extra of tightening their shorts even further.

Lightweight and Quick Drying Material

MMA Shorts are typically light in weight, yet durable in construction in terms of the stitching and material utilised. Often made from a polyester / cotton composite material, MMA shorts are designed to be quick drying and quickly wick away moisture. All very important considering the intense physical nature of the sport, where you and your shorts are likely to come in to contact with blood and sweat more regularly than most other sports!

Rubberised Waistbands

Not something that you will find on all types of MMA shorts, but more often than not at the higher end of the market will be a rubberised inner waistband. Designed with the aim of providing extra grip around the waist to reduce shift and movement of the shorts when worn and in use.

And that’s the end of our brief introduction to MMA shorts. It’s possible to go in to much greater detail, but the best thing to do is buy a pair and try them out and see what type suits you!