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Mike Tyson the MMA fighter

If the Paydays were bigger, Tyson could have joined the ranks of the UFC!

According to a story on theAi??mmamania.comAi??website, Iron Mike may have ventured in to the MMA scene over boxing if, back in the day, the paydays were as big as they are today!

If the sport had been forking out the kind of cash that is being banded around today, then we could have seen some ‘interesting’ match ups! It’s hard to gauge what kind of an MMA fighter he would have made, as we only know and will only ever know of Iron Mike the boxer and his ridiculously powerful punching prowess, but we can still imagine how things might have played out for him.

Or we can make our mind up based Tyson’s interesting take on what an MMA fight is all about;

“I want to slam them, I want to hold them, I want to choke them. That’s what you want to do anyway if you’re in a street fight right? You want to hit them, but you want to get them too, real good. Get them down, get on top of them. So, you have more aspects. If it’s not working this way, you can kick them in the f***ing head, you know? If they (MMA) had big paydays, yes, no doubt about it.”

Based on that, it’s probably best he kept to boxing!