Latest Hayabusa Product Updates!

In addition to the new Metaruâ„¢ Fight Shorts and Rashguards, you may have noticed a few more new products to hit the listings on the Official Hayabusa Fightwear Europe website recently. Just in case you have missed anything, here is a full breakdown of all that is new and now available from Hayabusa.

See below for an image list of the new Hayabusa Autumn 2014 T-Shirt Collection, the new White Chikara Recast Performance Shorts and the new style Hayabusa Falcon Sandals.

New Autumn 2014 T-Shirt Collection

Falcon Thunder T-Shirts in Grey and Black





Buchecha T-Shirt in Blue



Raging Bull T-Shirts in Black and Burgundy

Bull-Black Bull-Burgundy



Combat Evolved T-Shirts in Black, Burgundy, Grey and White

Combat-Evolved-Black Combat-Evolved-Burgundy Combat-Evolved-Grey Combat-Evolved-White



New Colour Chikara Recast Performance Shorts

Chikara Recast Performance Shorts in White




New Hayabusa Footwear

Hayabusa Talon Sandals in Red and Yellow

Hayabusa-Talon-Sandal-Red Hayabusa-Talon-Sandal-Yellow