An Insight In To The Professional MMA Fighter

At MMA Fightwear, we always like to have a read of other MMA related blogs and news sites to keep ourselves updated with what is being discussed in the sport.

Recently we came across a really interesting article on the website called Professional Rules, Not Professional Athlete, written by Jay Furness.

The author of the article, a professional MMA fighter himself, discusses his views on the distinction between “pro fighter” and “pro athlete”.

If you are interested in to getting a snap shot insight in to the life of a UK based professional MMA fighter, then we reckon that this article is worth taking a few minutes out to have a read of.

The author goes in to detail about the struggles and balancing act of holding down a full time job as well as fitting in a busy training regime. He also touches on the rarity of being fortunate enough to be fully supported by an income from fighting “full time” with references to those who have broken through and fight in well funded organisations like the UFC and Bellator.

If you’reAi?? interested in MMA but do not train yourself, or do not train to compete, then the end of the article where the author lists his weekly training regime will be an eye opener and is sure to give you a new found respect for the hard work and dedication it takes to be a professional mma fighter!