Hayabusa 16oz Gloves Comparison

We often get asked about the differences between the various ranges ofAi??Hayabusa Gloves, so we thought it would be useful to do a side by side comparison review for you of their Ikusaai???,Ai??Tokushuai???Ai??andAi??Kanpeki Eliteai??? 2.0 Series 16oz Gloves.


If you are familiar with Hayabusa products, you will know that they have many features listed in their product specifications. For quick reference we have listed the features that you will find in the three ranges of gloves that we are looking at here.


Beneath this table you will be able to get a brief breakdown of what the functions of some of the listed features are too.

Common Features

ai??? (A) Dual-Xai??? Closure system

One common feature that we have mentioned in previous blog posts is the use of the effective Dual-Xai??? Closure system that is featured across all three ranges. So whatever your budget or taste, if you choose any glove from the Ikusaai???, Tokushuai??? or Kanpeki Eliteai??? Series, you are ensured piece of mind a secure fit from this innovative patented Hayabusa velcro closure system.

Basically this closure system, developed by Hayabusa, uses multiple velcro straps secured at various points on the wrist area of the glove to make sure that you can tighten the gloves in place in a way that is as good as anything we’ve ever seen on any pair of gloves.

Click here to see the Official Hayabusa Dual-Xai??? Closure system video for more information.


ai???Ai??Quality of Finishing

When comparing the quality of stitching and finishing, it is clear that Hayabusa pay close attention to detail with respect to this. Upon close inspection it obvious that all three ranges have been finished to a high standard.


ai???Ai??(B) Ectaai??? Bamboo Lining

All three ranges are made with the exclusive Hayabusa Ectaai??? bamboo lining which is said to provide “thermoregulating” and “deodorising properties” and provide “extreme comfort”.

When you put any of these gloves you will notice straight away, just how soft and comfortable the lining is.

ai???Ai??(C) Deltra-EGai???

The Ikusaai???, Tokushuai??? and Kanpeki Eliteai??? 2.0 Series all feature another Hayabusa trademarked development called Deltra-EGai??? Technology. This scientifically tested foam inner core boasts such qualities as “recovering instantly from strikes”, being able to “flawlessly manipulate impact energy” to “provide superior protection”.

Click hereAi??to see the Official Hayabusa Deltra-EGai??? Closure system video

Varying Features

ai???Ai??(D) Fusion Splintingai???

By comparing the three styles of gloves side by side, you can see that the Ikusa appear to be more simplistic in terms of their design and construction.


The Fusion Splintingai??? design highlighted by theAi?? panelling and stitching pattern is the most obvious difference that separates both the Tokushuai??? and Kanpeki Eliteai??? Series from the Ikusaai???.

The Fusion Splintingai??? design is of course more than just a visual feature, it is actually an innovative development from Hayabusa to help increase hand and wrist protection and to ensure the correct hand alignment for the wearer of the glove.

Click hereAi??to see the Official Hayabusa Fusion Splintingai???Ai??video for more information.

ai???Ai??Engineered Leather, (E) Vylarai??? and Genuine Leather

A further notable difference between the three styles is the material used to make the gloves.

ai???Ai??The Ikusaai??? Series uses an Engineered Leather material that feels soft yet durable.

ai???Ai??The Tokushuai??? Series uses another kind of Engineered Leather called Vylarai???.Ai??This rigorously tested material has been put through it’s paces by Hayabusa and boasts hard wearing and resistant to damage properties.

Click hereAi??to see the Official HayabusaAi??Vylarai???Ai??video for more information.

ai???Ai??The Kanpeki Eliteai??? 2.0 Series uses a Full Grain Premium Leather material. The quality of the leather is evident as soon as you get these gloves out of the bag. The natural, distressed of look of this premium grade material gives the Kanpeki Eliteai??? Series a timeless classic look.

ai???Ai??Breathable Glove Palms

From the photo’s below, you will also notice that both the Tokushuai??? and Kanpeki Eliteai??? Gloves have a breathable mesh material constructed in to the palm areas. This differs to the Ikusa Glove palm, that has adopted a more traditional full covered palm with air holes.

Haya-Glove-Palm Ikusa-Palm-Detail


Final Comparison Overview

The Hayabusa Ikusa Series Gloves are a comfortable, well made glove that feature the excellent Hayabusa Dual-Xai??? Closure system and have all of the hallmarks of a quality made product that you would expect from this premium brand.

If you are in the market for something new and fancy spending a little more on a quality pair of sparring gloves, but are not quite ready to go all out for the Tokushuai??? or Kanpeki Eliteai??? Series Gloves, then the Ikusaai??? Series 16oz Gloves are certainly an excellent alternative.

With the Tokushuai??? and Kanpeki Eliteai??? Series, you are paying the extra amount due to the standard of engineered leather and genuine leather used respectively on these premium lines. In addition to this, both of the afore mentioned ranges utilise the Hayabusa Fusion Splintingai??? Technology for a more advanced level of hand and wrist protection too. With this in mind, you will be investing in the hours of research and testing that Hayabusa have carried out in order to develop this innovative technology.