Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Handwraps

The new highly anticipated Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Handwraps are finally in stock and they are truly something special. Keep your hands protected while you train with any of our 9 unique comic book hero perfect stretch hand wraps. Each character has their own style and colour way to make them as different as possible. Show your love for the Marvel Universe when we all get back to our gyms with Marvel Hero Elite hand wraps which you can find here in our boxing equipment category.

Marvel Hero Elite Handwraps

What’s Available

You can pick from Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, The Avengers, Symbiote, Punishers, Black Panther or Captain Marvel. Our gloves have been on sale for almost a year now and with some new characters coming our soon we thought now would be the perfect time to release our new wraps.

The Punisher Hero Elite Handwraps

We have tried to use each characters armour or clothing from the films to design these wraps. We wanted them to really stand out but also to be easily recognisable for the characters they are. So the obvious choices were blue for Captain America, red and gold for Iron Man, green for The Hulk, black for The Punisher and yellow for Captain Marvel.

We decided to combine some colours that other characters were known for, such as black and purple for Black Panther and black and blue for Venom/Symbiote.

Symbiote Hero Elite Handwraps

Thor was a little bit more tricky and we ended taking inspiration from Thor Ragnarok for the design. We were truly surprised by how much positive feedback we received from everyone about all of the wraps. They have have not been on sale for a week yet but its safe to say they they have been a huge hit. And we are already planning a re-order to make sure every single customer can get a pair.

About the Marvel Hero Elite Handwraps

Each pair of wraps is printed with a different Marvel hero pattern. These Mexican style hand wraps are made from a polyester silk and polyester thread blend. This durable semi-elastic material gives them their stretch while also providing enough strength to last you throughout your training.

They have a starter thumb loop which makes it easier for you to put them on. And a low profile hook and loop closure system which keeps them in place while you train. They are 180 inches long and 2 inches wide. They are machine washable and we recommend a cold wash for them.

Hayabusa Perfect Stretch Handwraps

Why we Wear Handwraps

Your training should always begin with wrapping your hands. One of the main reasons people miss sessions is through injury. By carrying out such a simple task you are protecting yourself and making sure that you can train as hard and frequently as you like. Handwraps protect all of the tiny bones around your knuckles and help to support your wrists.

These wraps conform to your hands to fit comfortably and securely under your sparring or bag gloves. They are 180 inches long which means that they are the perfect length to provide a protective fit without feeling bulky under your gloves. If you would like to find out more about what makes a good pair of handwraps. Then click here to read our blog.

Mexican Style Vs. Traditional

All of our handwraps are Mexican style. We believe they are superior because the breathable elastic-material is stretchier than traditional 100% cotton wraps which have no give. We have found that most fighters prefer Mexican style wraps.

This is because they conform to your hand and have a more flexible fit and feel. Our perfect stretch wraps are made with durable, semi-elastic materials. That can really take a beating, round after round, wash after wash.