What Are Spats And Why Should I Wear Them?

Spats is just a cooler way of saying leggings for guys that train martial arts. Some people don’t see the appeal of them, while others couldn’t think of getting on the mats without them.

Spats Can Help To Protect You

They are a similar design to rashguards but instead of protecting your upper body and arms they cover your legs. Spats are great for preventing mat burn or any small cuts that you may get when someone catches you with their nails.

They also do a great job of preventing any bacteria or dirt from getting inside any open wounds that you already have. This helps reduce your chances of that cut getting infected. And probably the main reason people wear them is to stop catching getting ringworm.

Hayabusa’s new Geo spats help to optimise your body’s temperature while you are training to allow you to maintain maximum muscle function. The spats come with reinforced stitching to ensure the best durability possible. And our inner silicone banding around the waist helps to keep them in place during training.

Hayabusa Geo spats waistband

They Can Help Improve Your Training

Our Geo spats were designed to allow free-flowing unrestricted movement and to feel incredibly comfortable with a standard form fit. The Geo Jiu Jitsu spats feel light and airy when you move, but stays locked in place thanks to its silicone waistband.

These Jiu Jitsu spats fit like a second skin. They help to regulate your body temperature and keep your skin cool and dry while you train. They have been built with super soft fabric and flatlock seams. A flatlock seam is flat on both sides and can stretch which help prevent any chafing while you train.

Hayabusa Geo Spats

If you would like to find out more about rashguards then click here to go to our blog about them. These spats are great for No-Gi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Cross-fit. They are not IBJJF approved so you won’t be able to wear them for some BJJ competition.