The Difference Between MMA And Hybrid Gloves

The main difference between MMA and Hybrid gloves is the padding they provide. MMA gloves only have 4oz’s of padding and hybrid gloves normally have 7oz’s. Certain gloves might come with more and you can find gloves available with between 8 – 10oz online.

Black 4oz MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are mainly used in fights as opposed to mixed martial arts training because you will be hitting a lot harder and there is less padding to protect your training partner. Hybrid gloves are a mix between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. They still have the ends cut off so your fingers are free to grip but they provide almost double the amount of padding as 4oz gloves. They are mainly used for training as they offer more protection.

Red 7oz Hybrid Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 MMA and Hybrid gloves are both ideal for combat, sparring or striking. They come with our patented Dual-X closure system which provides unmatched hand and wrist support. And the pre-curved design of the gloves helps reduce hand fatigue during sparring. Making these gloves perfect for athletes of all levels and especially beginners.

MMA Dual-X Closure

The Hayabusa Y-Volar design delivers superior stability and control over standard MMA gloves. This design helps to provide you with a consistent fit that stays securely in place whether you’re grappling or striking. The attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantees a glove as durable and resilient as you.

Y-Volar design on the white T3 7oz gloves

Kanpeki LX Gloves

There are lots of options on the market for MMA gloves and then there is the Kanpeki LX range.

Kanpeki LX 7oz Gloves

The most admired glove in our range, is now handcrafted with luxurious full-grain 100% Italian leather. The Kanpeki LX Hybrid gloves are renowned because they are built using only the finest materials and they are hand crafted by specialists. Their incredible fit and stylish old school look makes these gloves truly something special.

What Makes Our MMA and Hybrid Gloves Special

All of our T3 gloves are infused with a silver lining which helps to keep your gloves fresher for longer. And our top-grade foam complex doesn’t need breaking in either. So your new gloves will feel perfectly comfortable from the first punch.

This foam complex absorbs impact and dissipates energy immediately so you are ready to throw the next punch right away. Our gloves ultra-durable outer shell has been scientifically tested. It has superior crack resistance and tear strength than any other glove on the market.

Lots of people opt to wear hand wraps with a pair of MMA gloves and we always recommend that you go a size up. if you would like to as well. As our gloves feature the Dual-X closure system and Y-Volar design you can normally wear a pair of gloves which are a little bit to big. So even if you do not want to wear you hand wraps one day you shouldn’t have any problem training in your gloves. But if your gloves are a tight fit and you try to wear wraps you might end up cutting off the blood supply which you should avoid doing while you train.

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