Hayabusa’s Silver Infused Range Helps Protect You

It has been well-documented that Silver is antimicrobial. This is just a fancy way of saying that it kills microorganisms and stops their growth. Silver has been shown to kill bacteria, fungus and certain viruses. It is the positively charged Silver ions (Ag+) that cause this effect. 

In simple terms the silver will block the bacterial respiratory system, destroying the energy production of the cell. And in the end the cell will burst and the bacteria will be destroyed. We have implemented this into Hayabusa’s Silver Infused products to help protect you.

We decided to investigate this several years ago and were amazed how effective Silver was at stopping odor causing bacteria cells. Our plan was to offer something that no one else on the market was at the time. So we started looking at ways that we could implement this technology into our products.

Hayabusa’s Silver Infused Odor Resist Rashguard

The long sleeve Hayabusa Odor Resist rashguard is the best performing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu compression top that we have released to date. It helps to protects your skin from abrasions and keeps your muscles warm and engaged. It wicks away any sweat while you are training and helps to control your body temperature.

This quick drying men rash also offer you sun protection. So you can wear this at the beach or while you are surfing and you won’t have to worry about any sun damage on the parts of your body that it is covering.

We used the renowned XT2® fabric in this rash vest and also increased the amount of silver from our previous generation. This rash uses co-extruded silver threads which prevents sweat eating microbes from growing on it.

This helps to keep you protected because it stops the spread of ringworm. And everyone knows how much of a pain that can be. Our selection of rash guards can be found here.

Hayabusa's Silver Infused Odor Resist Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Silver Infused T3 Boxing Gloves

We understand the need to protect your gloves. Far too many pairs of Boxing gloves become unusable due to smell. You fully open your gloves up after training and you leave them to air our in a cool dry place but a few months down the line and they are already making your training partners turn away when they see you coming.

That’s why we decided to use XT2 technology in our T3 range. The fabric that we use contains natural Silver and that helps to combat bacteria. This in turn helps to keep your gloves smelling fresher, for longer.

Our Boxing equipment is second to none and the T3 Boxing Gloves can be used as Bag Gloves or Sparring Gloves making them the perfect option for use on punch bags or any martial arts which involves striking.

Hayabusa's Silver Infused T3 Boxing Gloves

Check out our T3 Boxing Gloves here.

Hayabusa’s Silver Infused LX Range

We have also used this technology in our entire LX range. So our Boxing Gloves, Headguard, Shinguards, 4oz and 7oz MMA Gloves all offer this protection as well. As LX is our premium range we wanted to make sure it would last for as long as possible and this is why we have used XT2®. Our equipment is built to last years but the one problem we had with previous Kanpeki generations was the smell.

When we first found out about this Silver infused technology we knew we had to start using it. Our Kanpeki/LX leather range was the first thing that we implemented this anti odor technology on. Over 5 years later and tens of thousands of sales later it’s safe to say we made the right decision. We didn’t just make your equipment smell better we actually gave you a few more years of use out of it.

LX Boxing Gloves with Hayabusa's Silver Infused Technology

XT2® How It Works

Naturally occurring bacteria utilise sweat which results in byproducts. These byproducts are what cause your equipment to start to smell. However, when you get sweat on a rashguard that used XT2®, the technology is activated and the process of odor elimination begins.

So when you start to inhibit bacteria on the surface any odor is eliminated. This is the technology which helps to keep our equipment smelling fresh and allows you to train in them for longer.

Silver has natural antimicrobial properties which is why it’s used in the medical industry. This technology is actually quite old and it was actually used in ancient Greece to inhibit bacterial growth.

XT2® incorporates pure silver into the thread so when we are sewing our rash guards the Silver is built into the material. This helps to provide permanent anti-odour protection. Not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, just Silver.