Hayabusa Mirai Series FAQ’s

With the release of any new, innovative line of equipment comes curiosity and questions about the range.

Taking in to account the most frequently asked questions about the new Mirai™ Series so far, we’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s below to help answer your queries.

How Durable is the tightening System of the Mira™ Series

The award-winning Boa® Closure System used for the all-new Mirai™ Series sets an unrivalled standard for quality and durability.

Constructed with aircraft-grade stainless steel laces that are stronger per gram than tank armour, the reel and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

What’s different about the Mirai™ Series compared to other tightening systems?

Innovation and determination are what drove the development of the Mirai™ Series. We had a clear focus on creating a range totally unique to anything else on currently on the market.

Utilising the patented and award-winning Boa® Closure System, the Mirai™ Series line of performance equipment delivers a superior alternative to traditional lace and hook and loop systems.

With it’s easy to use dial closure system, the Mirai™ Series provides an unmatched level of performance, comfort and fit that has to be experienced to be believed.

Why is the Mirai™ Series made up of only, Gloves, Head Gear and Shin Guards?

In creating the Mirai™ Series, we decided to apply the Boa® Technology to these specific products because Gloves, Shin Guards and Head Guards are the most popular pieces of equipment that make up any given range.

Can the Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves be used for Sparring or Grappling? 

The Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves have been specifically designed for bag and pad work.

As they are lighter in weight than traditional Sparring Gloves, we would not recommend the Mirai™ Series Striking Gloves for Sparring. To provide the protection and performance needed for sparring, we would recommend the Tokushu Series Series 16oz Gloves.

Why should I need to have separate Gloves specifically for pad and bag work?

It is common for most fighters to have separate gloves for sparring and pad / bag work.

This is good practice and will help to reduce injury to yourself and training partner(s), not to mention increasing the longevity of your equipment.

The benefits of possessing separate gloves for the different types of work lie in the differences between the types of gloves and their suitability for their intended purposes.

Gloves for pad / bag work are generally lighter in weight than those used for sparring and have less padding. This allows for more effective development speed and agility during training. The heavier sparring gloves with their denser padding, provides increased protection for both you and your training partner(s) during sparring sessions.

What kind of training can Mirai™ Series Shin Guards and Head Guard be used for?

The Mirai™ Series Shin Guards and Head Guard can be used for sparring sessions as well during bag and pad work. 

Why does this new range place so much emphasis on having correctly fitting equipment?

Research and experience have proven that correctly fitting equipment is an essential part of helping to minimise various forms of injury when training or competing.

Superior fitting equipment provides piece of mind, and helps to improve your performance due to it’s direct positive impact on your ability to move and strike with increased speed and accuracy.