Hayabusa Mirai Series Feature Article


The Boa Constrictor

Hayabusa’s latest innovative Mirai Series product range features a revolutionary new fastening system that’s designed to ensure you’ll tighten your grip on the competition.

The future has arrived. Just ask Hayabusa; its aptly named Mirai (Japanese for future) Series of equipment has just hit the market. Featuring the patented Boa Closure System, Hayabusa insists its latest product line is “the most innovative custom fitting performance equipment ever.”

Bridging the gap between precision ¬†and performance, fightwear company Hayabusa believes the Mirai range’s use of the innovative and award winning Boa Closure System, which utilises aircraft grade stainless steel laces and a screw fit tightening clasp, is far superior to the more traditional hook-and-loop style fastenings.

“The Mirai Series stemmed from our ongoing determination to improve performance equipment and shape the industry as a whole,” a spokesperson from Hayabusa says. “We were determined to create something unlike anything else on the market. Our mission was to provide support superior to lace with the ease of hook-and-loop systems.

“Boa technology provided all the benefits we were expecting, plus more. With a simple turn of the knob, the Mirai Series delivers a level of comfort, fit and performance you need to experience to believe.”

And don’t just take Hayabusa’s word for it either, UFC champion and brand ambassador Georges St Pierre agrees. “They offer the perfect fit every time, the Mirai Series delivers it all,” says the welterweight standout. “This is the best fitting equipment I’ve ever used and any fighter knows that a better fit equals better performance.”

And it’s not just Hayabusa’s own athletes who are impressed by the new technology.

Protecting both the hand an wrist for fight sports in integral when a manufacturer comes to designing training and competition gloves, and the Mirai Series boxing gloves haven’t gone unnoticed.

Dr John Knight, a board certified orthopaedic surgeon with the Hand and Wrist Institute in Beverly Hills, California, believes the Mirai Series gloves are the best he’s come across in his career.

“To avoid traumatic injury to the tendons and ligaments, fit, support, and ultimately proper alignment is of the utmost importance,: he says. “In my medical opinion, the new Mirai Series by Hayabusa provides unparalleled support for the wrists and is perfectly designed to maintain proper alignment of the wrist and hand, ultimately minimising the potential for injury.”

So let go of your old training and sparring gear, and wrap your mitts around the new Boa Closure System, exclusive to Hayabusa’s new Mirai Series line. GSP insists you won’t be disappointed.


Experience the Difference

5 Route to the Mirai Series Advantage”

1 – Perfect Fit

Custom comfort with no pressure points, the fit will blow your mind.

2 – Powerful Closure

Once locked in to place, reels and laces stay securely in place. No need for rolls of tape.

3 – Unmatched Durability

Aircraft-grade, stainless steel laces are stronger per gramme than tank armour.

4 – Micro Adjustability

Infinite degrees of fine tuning ensures a perfect fit every time.

5 – Extreme Ease

One handed, on the fly adjustment allows for mid session tightening or loosening.