Hayabusa New Product Preview

We’ve got a whole range of new Hayabusa products to be added to our already expansive range in 2013.

UK & Europe Hayabusa fans can expect to see a range of new T-Shirts, the new Hayabusa Perfect Stretch Handwraps, new Hayabusa Hoodies, the Hayabusa Jigen and Metaru Rashguards, GSP 16oz Gloves and further additions to the Tokushu Series amongst many other exciting new products.

Images for most the new products are still to be released, however we can give you the names of the new t-shirts that are to be released so that you can speculate as to what the designs may be yourself!

In the near future you can expect to see the Hayabusa Olympus T-Shirt, Hayabusa Brotherhood T-Shirt and the Hayabusa Gentleman vs. Beast T-Shirt!

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