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Hayabusa Sport Range Review

We take a look at the Hayabusa Sport 16oz Gloves in more detail to give you a better idea of this new range.

Before we look at this new range of gloves, the first thing that appeals about them is the combination of the relatively low price tag and the fact that they are made by Hayabusa, a company renowned for their quality.


With this new Sport range, Hayabusa are pitching to those who mainly engage in boxing, kick boxing and other relevant combat sports as a form of exercise rather than competing.

With this in mind, they have decided to reduce the price in comparison to their other more technical lines of boxing gloves, such as the Ikusa and Tokushu.

From the labelling and marketing material we know that these gloves have been designed to be versatile and can be used for both bag work and sparring too.

Out of the bag, when you compare them with the higher priced offerings from Hayabusa, their shiny, glossy look gives them a less expensive feel when you compare them to the grainy, matted finish found on the material used for the Ikusa and Tokushu Gloves.

Having said that, they feel correctly weighted for a 16oz glove and also feel sturdy and well constructed, with no loose threads or stitches.

When worn, you will also notice that the Sport range do not use the Dual-X™ patented wrist closure system as used on the more expensive lines, but use a more standard Velcro wrist enclosure. While the Sport range may not offer the same high level of wrist support as a pair of Tokushu Gloves, the actual size of the wrist enclosure strap is nice and big and feels very supportive once the strap is in place.

The gloves are well padded too and comfortable to wear, they also feature some padding at the top of the strap enclosure at the base of the palm for added protection.

All in all, when you consider their price and the reputation that Hayabusa have for producing quality products, we think that these gloves would make an ideal choice for the combat sport fitness enthusiast. If you don’t feel like shelling out in excess of £70.00 for a more advanced and technical pair of gloves, but still want something of lasting quality then the Hayabusa Sport Range could well be the answer.

Hayabusa Equipment Restock

We’ve recenlty taken stock of the most popular lines of equipment from Hayabusa.

With a full restock on everything from the Kanpeki Elite 2.0 Series, Tokushu, Ikusa and Pro Training Series equipment ranges, all of your favourite Hayabusa MMA Gloves, Hayabusa Bag and Sparring Gloves and much more are now back in stock!

To check out whats back in stock in the range of Hayabusa Bag Gloves and Hayabusa Sparring Gloves; check out our Hayabusa Boxing Gloves page on our site.

For an overview of the Hayabusa Body Protectors and Hayabusa Pads back in stock, check out our Hayabusa Training Equipment page.

Check out the Hayabusa MMA GlovesHayabusa Head Guards and Hayabusa Shin Guards also now back in, from the above mentioned equipment ranges.

New Hayabusa T Shirts Out Now

We have now got the very latest Hayabusa T-Shirts in stock following the release of their new ranges.

With a mixture of some new designs as well those carrying on the popular Gentleman T-Shirt theme, there is something for everyone within this new collection.

Check out our Hayabusa T-Shirts page or click on the individual links below to find out more:


• Hayabusa Accolade T-Shirt in Black

• Hayabusa Accolade T-Shirt in Rust

• Hayabusa Reinvented T-Shirt in Black

• Hayabusa Reinvented T-Shirt in Heather Blue

• Hayabusa Brigade T-Shirt in Brown

• Hayabusa Brigade T-Shirt in Heather Grey

• Hayabusa Fisticuffs T-Shirt in Red

• Hayabusa Fisticuffs T-Shirt in Heather Dark Grey

• Hayabusa Fisticuffs T-Shirt in Heather Blue

• Hayabusa Brotherhood in Brown

• Hayabusa Hammer T-Shirt in Blue

• Hayabusa Showdown T-Shirt in BlackHaya-T-Blog_1380877233

New Hayabusa Hoodies Out Now

New-Hoodie-Blog_1375265225We’ve just taken stock of 4 stylish new Hoodies from Hayabusa!

The new Hayabusa Champion Hoodie is a retro, American college style design featuring a high quality embroidered Hayabusa crest motif on the chest.

The more minimal looking Hayabusa Cast Hoodie features a variation on the Hayabusa logo crest on the chest using the same high quality embroidery.

Both Hoodies are made from 100% cotton and are extremley comfortable, they are also both constructed using premium quality stitching.

So, what are you waiting for then!? Check out the NEW HAYABUSA CHAMPION AND CAST HOODIES now available to buy from our site.

Hayabusa Forrest Griffin Hall of Fame T Shirt


To celebrate one of the UFCs all time greats, Hayabusa have created this amazing limited edition Forrest Griffin Hall of Fame T-Shirt, ahead of the fighters pending retirement.

Initial responses from the public tell us that this t-shirt is going to be a winner, so you will need to be fast if you want to grab one for yourself, as they will be a limited edition, one off item!

The release dates and further details about this T-Shirt will be announced in the very near future.

Win a pair of GSP 16oz Gloves

GSP-Comp_1371208470**Competition has ended – please check our Facebook page for the winner**

Don’t miss the chance to win yourself a pair of Hayabusa GSP 16oz Gloves with our Facebook Competition.

All takes to enter is a click of a “Like” button and you’re in with a chance to win these amazing limited edition 16oz Gloves from Hayabusa.

Check out the post on our Facebook Page for more information!

Hayabusa Weld Fight Shorts Now in Stock

Weld_1370611139The first ever Welded Fight Short from Hayabusa have now arrived!

The New Weld3™ Fight Shorts are available in three colour variations (listed below) and all feature Hayabusa’s Exclusive Ultrasonic Weld3™ Technology.

These new durable, light weight fight shorts are at the cutting edge of MMA Shortsperformance and provide superior comfort and manoeuvrability to any other fight short on the market to date.

Check out the New Hayabusa® Weld3™ Fight Shortsavailable to buy from our site now.

Limited Edition GSP 16oz Gloves

GSP-Gloves_1367578248We now have the Hayabusa Limited Edition GSP 16oz Gloves in stock available to buy from our site.

These Limited Edition Gloves will only be available while stocks last, and they’re already flying out fast.

Check them out on our site now to get yours (each pair of gloves comes in it’s own individual collectors edition presentation box).

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves Re Stock

Tokushu-Restock_1367578664We’ve fully re-stocked on the entire range of Hayabusa Tokushu Series Gloves.

This re-stock also included the introduction of a new addition to this series…

The Tokushu 16oz.Plus Gloves! Designed specifically for athletes with larger hands, or for those who prefer to use thicker hand wraps.

Check out the new addition the Tokushu Series on our site, now available to buy!