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Handwrap Guide – How To Put Them On

Today we will be walking you through our Handwrap Guide and show you how to put on hook-and-loop handwraps. There are many ways you can wrap your hands but we will be showing you the most common way. Handwraps are an essential item for any fighter. They help to protect all the small bones and joints in your hand and keep your wrist secure during training

Handwrap Guide

First thing you need to do is fully unwrap both of the handwraps and check them over. You want to make sure they are suitable for you first. Measure them to check they are at least 180″ long or 4.5 meters. Any shorter and you won’t be getting the proper protection. You can get 120″ wraps for people with smaller hands or children. Don’t worry if you have smaller wraps, this handwrap guide will still be fine for you.

Start With Your Thumb

Start by hooking your thumb through the loop. You will be holding your hand palm down and start wrapping the back of your hand first. You will want to start going around your wrist with the handwrap as you can see in the picture below. Make sure you wrap the back of your hand first instead of the front as the wraps may loosen during training.

Starting with your wrist.

You will want to go around your wrist three times to make sure you have enough protection but remember as you are doing this do not go too tight. You still want the blood to get to your hands while you are training, so keep this in mind.

Start Wrapping Your Hand Not Your Knuckles

After you have been around your wrist several times you can move onto your hand. Remember you want to aim more for your hand here rather than your knuckles. You will do your knuckles next so make sure you go above your thumb and just below you knuckles. You will want to make three full wraps at this point.

Wrapping your hand.

Wrapping In Between Your Fingers

After you have covered your hands you can move onto your fingers and knuckles. As you are finishing the third wrap around your hand you will want to pull the wrap under your palm. You want to have it where your wrist meets the bottom of your thumb. This is because you will now be wrapping upwards and your thumb will help to keep your handwraps in place. Next, pull the wrap over your hand and you want to go in between your little finger and ring finger.

Wrapping in between your knuckles.

Now you will need to bring the wrap between your thumb and index finger, as you can see here. Wrap across your hand again aiming for your wrist. After you have crossed your hand, wrap the underneath of your wrist.

You will now be going up again to covering the next gap between your ring finger and middle finger. After you have wrapped this knuckle you will repeat the step from earlier, going across your hand, around your wrist and back up to cover the next gap, which will be between the index finger and middle finger.

Once Around Your Thumb

When you have finished wrapping your knuckles you can move onto your thumb. So after you have wrapped across your hand and the wrap is under the bottom of your hand just below your thumb you will now wrap over and under your thumb. You only need to do this once.

Remember to wrap your thumb up once.

Secure It All With Three Wraps

You will now want your palm facing upwards. Turn your hand over and pull the wrap along your palm and now start wrapping around your hand, front and back. Making sure to cover your knuckles three times.

Securing your Handwraps with three goes around your hand.

Once you have finished wrapping your knuckles, you will want to use the remaining material to cover your wrist. So just follow the instruction that you did before to use up the material that is left.

Finish With The Velcro

Finishing putting your Handwraps on with the velcro strap.

Finally, use the velcro to fasten the wraps in place and make them secure. After you have done this, make a fist to check the wraps feel comfortable and don’t hurt. If everything checks out then you can finally put your gloves on. Just remember if your hands start to hurt or go discoloured at any time take your gloves and wraps off. Let your hand’s breath and then try wrapping them again but not as tight.

Check Out Our Other Handwrap Guide

I hope you liked my Handwrap guide and if you are looking for a pair of wraps then have a look at my blog here. I have outlined all of the features that make a great pair of wraps. So why not take a look and see if you agree.

If you are looking for a new pair of wraps then while not check out Hayabusa’s new perfect stretch ones. They are definitely the bestlooking wraps on the market and you can take a look for yourself here.

The Perfect Pair Of Boxing Handwraps

If you’re new to boxing and not sure exactly what you need to do then it’s important you make sure you’re as safe as possible while training. Boxing handwraps will protect you and your partner while training. Allowing you to hit harder without worrying about injuring your hands. In this blog, I will be taking you through two things. Why handwraps are so important and what makes a good pair. Hopefully, this will help you to choose your own and stay safe.

When Should I Wear Handwraps

Firstly, it is recommended that handwraps are worn for both bag work and sparring with a partner. This is to protect your hands and wrists against injuries which are caused by punching. And as you can imagine there’s a lot of that in boxing. Repeatedly, hitting a bag or jabbing a partner will eventually cause injury so the wraps are there to help minimise this.

Hayabusa Handwraps

Can I Wear Them During A Fight

It’s not just a good idea to wear them during a fight but it’s necessary. Officials are required to check that handwraps are being worn by both fighters before a fight starts in order to protect the boxers. If you don’t want to wear them then you will not be allowed to fight.

Make Sure Your Wraps Go With Your Gloves

And I’m not talking about getting matching colours here. If you are planning on buying a pair of boxing gloves, then make sure you try the gloves on with your wraps. This is so you can see how the gloves fit while you are wearing your handwraps. You need to make sure the gloves are not too tight or loose with your wraps. If you are not sure what gloves you should be buying then why not take a look at our guide here to find out what will be best for you.

What Makes A Good Pair Of Wraps

So now that you know why wraps are important we will get into what makes a good pair. An important part of this is making sure you have good quality hand wraps. And that they’re the right ones for you. If you opt for a cheaper pair then they will not provide you with the level of protection that you need. You want to find some with thick enough material to provide you with adequate padding for your training. And after protection the second best thing is looking good while wearing them. Just like with the new Punisher Handwraps below. If you would like to see the whole Marvel range then click here.

Hayabusa Handwraps

The new Hayabusa handwraps which you can find here, offer maximum protection. They have been designed with an innovative material which helps conform to your hand and aligns your hand and wrist. These high-performance wraps will protect the many small joints, bones and tendons from repeated impact during training. They also offer a hook & loop closure system which is 71% longer than rivals which ensures a superior and secure fit every time you train. This is to stop your wraps from coming undone during training. Which can cause them to loosen around your hand and therefore not offer you the best protection which can lead to injury!

Style Of Wraps

Another important aspect of great handwraps in their style. There are two main styles, traditional and Mexican. Traditional handwraps are made from cotton alone and have been around the longest. They do provide you with a tighter fit but do not stretch. This is why they have been replaced by the more popular Mexican style wraps. Mexican handwraps are a more modern version which is a blend of spandex and semi-elastic cotton. Mexican will always be the best option and they are a more comfortable choice as well.

Length Of Wraps

You will want to make sure your handwraps are long enough. Any wrap under 180″ won’t give you the necessary support and protection that you need and it is wise to stay away from anything less. Some children or people who have smaller hands may look for a shorter wrap and 120″ is popular for kids but the longer the wrap the more padding you will have and the safer you will be.

How To Put Your Handwraps On

What’s the point in buying a great pair of hand wraps unless you know how to put them on. How you wrap your hands, is just as important as buying a good pair. You could have the best handwraps in the world but unless you know how to put them on properly you are risking injury. So click here to see our guide on how to properly put your wraps on. There are several different ways to wrap your hands but any variations from the ones we have just shown you will be fine. Remember to try and cover all of your hand with an even layer of material.

Recap What We’ve Learned

So now that you have all the information it’s time to go out and get you handwraps. Remember the important bits though. Mexican over traditional. Nothing under 180″ long. Look for something with a long and secure hook & loop closure system. And make sure you try them on with your gloves before you buy anything.