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Why You Should Take Up A Martial Art This Summer

There’s more to martial arts than just getting kicked or thrown onto the ground and you don’t have to be a pro to join a class. Today I am going to talk you through all the benefits of taking up a martial art this summer.

martial art picture


It will help you get in shape or even just lose a few extra pounds. Whether its BJJ, wrestling or Muay Thai, anything is going to make you sweat. Especially in the heat that we have been having recently. And that’s what is going to make you lose weight. In addition, you will also be adding some muscle as well. So you’re not just going to slim down but also going to pack on some muscle as well. Perfect for those poolside photos.

Make Friends

Every class you go to is going to have other people in or there wouldn’t be much point in attending. Having lots of training partner won’t just help you with your chosen discipline. It also means there are more people to talk to. While you may get the odd person in a gym that only wants to hurt people the majority of student will be trying to help you and even getting to know you. So why not see if you can make a new friend or two.

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Protect yourself

One of the main reasons people get into martial arts is to learn how to handle themselves, and you shouldn’t be any different. You might never want to have a fight in your life but it doesn’t hurt to know how to look after yourself. If you ever end up in a situation where no one else is there to help you. Just knowing a few simple moves might be all the difference between you going home or ending up in the hospital in that situation.

A Challenge

Lots of martial arts such as BJJ, Judo and Karate all have rankings and belts that you can earn. And depending on the discipline you choose you might even be able to get your first promotion before the end of summer. Imagine how that would feel when you go back to work or school. Being able to tell everyone you have taken up a martial art and you have already earned your first belt.


An Eye Opener

If you do decide to go down to a class then you will learn pretty quick that it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are. There will be people half your size tapping the biggest guys in the class. The technique will always overcome strength and don’t get disheartened if you get tapped even if it is by someone a lot smaller than you. Don’t have an ego.

Why Martial Art Is For Everyone

Martial arts are for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl, short, overweight or old. Really anyone can start. The majority of gyms have girls training in them nowadays and while there is no problem guys and girls training together it can be difficult for women to train with someone who is so much bigger and stronger than them. So why not get some of your friends together and all go together and see what its like for yourself. And if there is already a girl training there she will love having someone her size to practice on.

Lots of gyms also offer kids classes but even if they don’t everyone in the gym will know to take it easy. So don’t worry about your children getting injured. And the younger they start the better they will be in the future, maybe even the next world champion. You would be surprised to see how many students are over 40 that train. So if you think your past it and you wouldn’t be any good at it think again. There will definitely be someone for you to train with, no matter who you are.

Hopefully, you have read something that’s opened your eyes or made you want to see for yourself. So remember it doesn’t matter how big or strong you are. If you’re old or a girl. Martial Art is for everyone.

Our Guide On How To Become A UFC Champion

Today we are going to talk you through the disciplines you need to become the best fighter on the planet.

Stand up

The obvious place to start is on your feet as that’s how every match starts. Whether it’s Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai, you need to do something. Boxing has always been one of the biggest sports in the world for a reason. But we are talking about MMA now and as I’m sure you have all seen for yourselves, knees and kicks can do so much more than just knock a guy out. Just like in Bellator 158 when Micheal “Venom” Page landed a vicious knee on Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos.
Cyborg Santos broken skull

He actually broke his skull during that fight.

Or when Edson Barboza’s hit Terry Etim with a spinning back kick at UFC 142 in Rio De Janeiro. One of the worst knockouts in UFC history.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai will not just make you a better fighter. Training in them will also help you defend yourself a lot better as you will be able to see moves coming earlier if you are familiar with them. Whether it’s the way the guy drops his arm as he goes for the kick. Or how he goes to his toes before he jumps for that flying knee. Either of these disciplines will benefit you greatly.

Don’t just rely on one aspect of your game

You can be the best guy in the world on your feet but if you haven’t got anything else about your game then I wouldn’t advise getting into the octagon. Just like with James Toney when he stepped into the ring at UFC 118 to fight against Randy Couture. Couture whose background is in wrestling, made it look easy. He might not be known for his ground game but he still schooled Toney. And sent out a pretty clear statement that the next Boxer who wants an MMA fight might want to think again.

August 28, 2010; Boston, MA; USA; Randy Couture (black trunks) and James Toney fight at UFC 118 in Boston, MA. Couture won via 1st round choke.

Why You Need Wrestling

Just like Toney, Royce Gracie is another fighter who relied too heavily on one discipline. Known for being one of the best BJJ guys in the world. The legend was caught out and defeated by Matt Hughes at UFC 60. Although former UFC Champion Royce was one of the best on the ground in the world. It doesn’t count for much if you can’t get the other guy down on the floor to tap them out. Hughes demonstrated this perfectly. With a background in wrestling. Hughes stopped Royce getting him down and showed him just why you need to be an all-rounded fighter to make it in this world.

Why Ground Work Is So Important

Although Royce did struggle in that fight he did have a pretty impressive career, with 15 wins and only 2 losses and he was a UFC Champion. Which demonstrates why BJJ is so essential and arguably the most important skill that you should have in your arsenal. Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu seems to be the most overlooked aspect of many fighters game. This may be as it takes so long to achieve your black belt. 10 years for a BJJ black belt as opposed to less than 5 for Judo and Karate belts. No matter what the reason some people decide not to train grappling as much as other aspects it doesn’t really matter. Nearly all fights end up on the ground. And if you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t defend yourself and you won’t last long.

UFC Champion, Royce and GSP

One of the reasons that GSP was so dominant and another UFC Champion. Here he is pictured with Royce just after they had finished training.

Hit The Gym To Be The Next UFC Champion

As I’m sure all of you know, lifting weights make you stronger and although just being strong alone won’t help you at all against a trained fighter, it will work wonders in addition to all of your other training. We have all been in that situation where you have gotten someone into a move and it’s so close but you just haven’t got the strength to finish it off. Lifting will help here. And with your takedowns. And with your punching. And in everything else that you do.

So we have given you some pretty solid advice here today, so no matter if you are a complete beginner or have been training for years. You just want to get in shape or you really do want to become the best fighter in the world, this guide has given you a solid foundation to work off. So what are you waiting for, get out there and start training to become the next UFC Champion!

And just like any fighter you will need the right equipment so why not take a look at some of the gear we like here

Boxing Glove Weight and Size Guide

What size Boxing Gloves should I use is such a common question and one that seems to spark up opposing views.

To make it simple we have shared our expertise with you in an easy to understand way that we hope will inform you to buy the right kind of gloves for you.

Below, we will look at;

Boxing For Fitness – Training Gloves

As is popular today, if you are boxing for fitness and not competing, you will want to find yourself a pair of Training Gloves that will be suitable for light sparring, pad work and bag work.

Once you have found a pair of Training Gloves that suit your budget you will then need to decide on the correct weight of glove.

Use our Body Weight / Glove Weight comparison list below to help you determine the most suitable weight of glove for you.

120lbs or less Ai??- 12oz or 14oz Gloves

120lbs ai??i?? 150lbs – 14oz ai??i?? 16oz Gloves

150lbs ai??i?? 180lbs – 16oz ai??i?? 18oz Gloves

180lbs or above – 18oz + ai??i?? Gloves

Taking advantage of the ever increasing number of participants involved in some form of boxing training for fitness, Hayabusa have recently released their Sports line of training gloves to cater for this market.


Sparring Gloves

Gloves that are named specifically as Sparring Gloves will have extra soft padding than other kinds of gloves and will normally come in the 16oz weight.

The additional padding is to make sure that both you and your sparring partner are protected and to help to reduce the chance of injury before a competition fight.

If you are lighter in weight (under 120lbs for example) then you could possibly get away with sparring with a 14oz glove.

If you do decide to spar in the same weight of glove that you will be competing at i.e a 12oz glove, make sure that you don’t go too heavy in sparring prior to the fight to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Bag Gloves

Specifically named Bag Gloves tend to be at the lighter end of the weight scale, 10 – 12oz, and will use more densely packed layers of foam to absorb the impact of repeated strikes of the heavy bag and pads. For those who are serious about increasing their hand speed, these light weight gloves can be useful in helping to work on this as they do not slow your hands down as much as a 16oz Sparring Glove would.

Having separate gloves for bag work and sparring is useful if you train regularly as it will help to prolong the life of the gloves and provide you and training partners with adequate protection during sessions.

It would certainly be possible to use your Training Gloves for bag work, but be careful of the kind of bag you are hitting, if you’re body weight is at the lower end of the scale. Some bags are harder and more densely packed than others and you could potentially damage your hands without adequate technique, padding and advise from your trainer.


Gloves for Competition

Weights for competition gloves vary from 12oz through 16oz, but they will be governed by the level you are fighting at and the organisation that you are boxing under. Always take advice from your trainer on this to make sure that you are well prepared and informed.


Our Recommendations

Boxing for Fitness

If you are in this category it is more than likely that you will only be engaging in heavy bag and pad workouts.

If this is the case, we would recommend that you invest in a pair of training gloves by using our body weight and glove weight comparison list above.

If you do engage in light sparring sessions, make sure that you are sparring with someone of equivalent weight who is sparring with the same weight of glove as you for protection and safety purposes.


Heavy Sparring, Bag & Pad Work

If you train hard and regularly at a club but don’t compete, then economically and for safety reasons, it would be worth investing in separate gloves that you can use for sparring and for bag and pad work.

By using your Sparring Gloves for their intended purpose only will help them to retain their shape and not stiffen the softer layers of padding for longer. This will reduce the frequency for replacement gloves as well as the obvious safety benefits.


Competing Boxers

As above, we recommend having separate gloves for the different kinds of training, but you will also need a pair of competition gloves too. As we’ve already mentioned, it is vital that you consult with your club and trainers about any guidelines that you will need to follow when it comes to specific glove weights.


Safety First!

No matter what level you are, choosing the right weight of glove is only the beginning when it comes to safety!

Always remember to wrap your hands prior to any training to make sure that your hands, knuckles and wrists are protected and most importantly make sure that your technique is right.

Even a one off misfired punch can do more damage to your hands and wrists than you think, let alone the long term damage caused by a prolonged period of bad habits.