Black and White T3 Kanpeki Gloves

The brand new Black and White T3 Kanpeki Boxing gloves are 100% full grain leather and Hayabusa’s best product to date. We have redesigned our most popular product ever and brought them to you in two new colours. The Jet Black and Arctic White Kanpeki Boxing gloves.

Black T3 Kanpeki Boxing gloves

Don’t worry though, we have of course left in everyone’s favourite feature. Our patented Dual-X strap which sets our gloves aside from every other martial arts company. And is part of the reason Hayabusa is the brand it is today.

We were trying to come up with a new product one day but wanted to make sure it wouldn’t just be something to fill our shelves. We were all adamant that we wanted to create something everyone would love. So we took our time and left the design team to it. Eventually, someone had an interesting point. There’s so much variation in our T3 Boxing glove range but none in the Kanpeki line. So we thought why not offer our best seller in more colours. And so we set to work on designing what they could look like.

White T3 Kanpeki Boxing gloves

We didn’t want to cause any damage to our favourite products reputation. So we spend our time working on these new gloves until we finally had them complete. And once we were finished, we spent even longer getting feedback from our loyal fanbase. It wasn’t long before we realised we had something special on our hands. And we were right, they were an instant hit. So that’s why we are proud to offer you the new and exclusive Jet Black and Arctic White Kanpeki Boxing gloves.

If you love the Black and White T3 Kanpeki gloves as much as we do, and we’re sure you will then click here to take a better look at them on our website.