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Hayabusa Sport Range Review

We take a look at the Hayabusa Sport 16oz Gloves in more detail to give you a better idea of this new range.

Before we look at this new range of gloves, the first thing that appeals about them is the combination of the relatively low price tag and the fact that they are made by Hayabusa, a company renowned for their quality.


With this new Sport range, Hayabusa are pitching to those who mainly engage in boxing, kick boxing and other relevant combat sports as a form of exercise rather than competing.

With this in mind, they have decided to reduce the price in comparison to their other more technical lines of boxing gloves, such as the Ikusa and Tokushu.

From the labelling and marketing material we know that these gloves have been designed to be versatile and can be used for both bag work and sparring too.

Out of the bag, when you compare them with the higher priced offerings from Hayabusa, their shiny, glossy look gives them a less expensive feel when you compare them to the grainy, matted finish found on the material used for the Ikusa and Tokushu Gloves.

Having said that, they feel correctly weighted for a 16oz glove and also feel sturdy and well constructed, with no loose threads or stitches.

When worn, you will also notice that the Sport range do not use the Dual-Xai??? patented wrist closure system as used on the more expensive lines, but use a more standard Velcro wrist enclosure. While the Sport range may not offer the same high level of wrist support as a pair of Tokushu Gloves, the actual size of the wrist enclosure strap is nice and big and feels very supportive once the strap is in place.

The gloves are well padded too and comfortable to wear, they also feature some padding at the top of the strap enclosure at the base of the palm for added protection.

All in all, when you consider their price and the reputation that Hayabusa have for producing quality products, we think that these gloves would make an ideal choice for the combat sport fitness enthusiast. If you donai??i??t feel like shelling out in excess of A?70.00 for a more advanced and technical pair of gloves, but still want something of lasting quality then the Hayabusa Sport Range could well be the answer.

Boxing Glove Weight and Size Guide

What size Boxing Gloves should I use is such a common question and one that seems to spark up opposing views.

To make it simple we have shared our expertise with you in an easy to understand way that we hope will inform you to buy the right kind of gloves for you.

Below, we will look at;

Boxing For Fitness – Training Gloves

As is popular today, if you are boxing for fitness and not competing, you will want to find yourself a pair of Training Gloves that will be suitable for light sparring, pad work and bag work.

Once you have found a pair of Training Gloves that suit your budget you will then need to decide on the correct weight of glove.

Use our Body Weight / Glove Weight comparison list below to help you determine the most suitable weight of glove for you.

120lbs or less Ai??- 12oz or 14oz Gloves

120lbs ai??i?? 150lbs – 14oz ai??i?? 16oz Gloves

150lbs ai??i?? 180lbs – 16oz ai??i?? 18oz Gloves

180lbs or above – 18oz + ai??i?? Gloves

Taking advantage of the ever increasing number of participants involved in some form of boxing training for fitness, Hayabusa have recently released their Sports line of training gloves to cater for this market.


Sparring Gloves

Gloves that are named specifically as Sparring Gloves will have extra soft padding than other kinds of gloves and will normally come in the 16oz weight.

The additional padding is to make sure that both you and your sparring partner are protected and to help to reduce the chance of injury before a competition fight.

If you are lighter in weight (under 120lbs for example) then you could possibly get away with sparring with a 14oz glove.

If you do decide to spar in the same weight of glove that you will be competing at i.e a 12oz glove, make sure that you don’t go too heavy in sparring prior to the fight to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Bag Gloves

Specifically named Bag Gloves tend to be at the lighter end of the weight scale, 10 – 12oz, and will use more densely packed layers of foam to absorb the impact of repeated strikes of the heavy bag and pads. For those who are serious about increasing their hand speed, these light weight gloves can be useful in helping to work on this as they do not slow your hands down as much as a 16oz Sparring Glove would.

Having separate gloves for bag work and sparring is useful if you train regularly as it will help to prolong the life of the gloves and provide you and training partners with adequate protection during sessions.

It would certainly be possible to use your Training Gloves for bag work, but be careful of the kind of bag you are hitting, if you’re body weight is at the lower end of the scale. Some bags are harder and more densely packed than others and you could potentially damage your hands without adequate technique, padding and advise from your trainer.


Gloves for Competition

Weights for competition gloves vary from 12oz through 16oz, but they will be governed by the level you are fighting at and the organisation that you are boxing under. Always take advice from your trainer on this to make sure that you are well prepared and informed.


Our Recommendations

Boxing for Fitness

If you are in this category it is more than likely that you will only be engaging in heavy bag and pad workouts.

If this is the case, we would recommend that you invest in a pair of training gloves by using our body weight and glove weight comparison list above.

If you do engage in light sparring sessions, make sure that you are sparring with someone of equivalent weight who is sparring with the same weight of glove as you for protection and safety purposes.


Heavy Sparring, Bag & Pad Work

If you train hard and regularly at a club but don’t compete, then economically and for safety reasons, it would be worth investing in separate gloves that you can use for sparring and for bag and pad work.

By using your Sparring Gloves for their intended purpose only will help them to retain their shape and not stiffen the softer layers of padding for longer. This will reduce the frequency for replacement gloves as well as the obvious safety benefits.


Competing Boxers

As above, we recommend having separate gloves for the different kinds of training, but you will also need a pair of competition gloves too. As we’ve already mentioned, it is vital that you consult with your club and trainers about any guidelines that you will need to follow when it comes to specific glove weights.


Safety First!

No matter what level you are, choosing the right weight of glove is only the beginning when it comes to safety!

Always remember to wrap your hands prior to any training to make sure that your hands, knuckles and wrists are protected and most importantly make sure that your technique is right.

Even a one off misfired punch can do more damage to your hands and wrists than you think, let alone the long term damage caused by a prolonged period of bad habits.