Hayabusa Product Name Translations

Hayabusa Product Name Translations

Judging by our name and the names of the majority of our ranges, you’ve probably guessed for yourself that Hayabusa is influenced by Japanese culture!

We hope this doesn’t ruin the ‘mystic’ for those not in the know already, but thought that we’d give a few brief descriptions on the translations of the names for some of our most popular ranges. Check them out below!

Mizuchi – Translates as the Japanese equivalent name for several varieties of a mythological dragon like creature found in ancient Chinese literature. The name Mizuchi has also been used to describe a legendary serpent like creature in Japanese literature.

Ikusa – Quite simply, the word “Ikusa” translates to English as meaning “war or battle”.

Tokushu – Tokushu can be translated to mean “special” or “unique”.

Kanpeki – Kanpeki can be translated to mean “perfect” or “perfection”

Chikara – “Chikara!” can be a battle cry to rally the troops, or summon your strength for conflict! It is also the word that represents. “power, strength and capability”.

History lesson over! As you can see, the names that we have chosen and been influenced by are perfectly suited to our products and to MMA!