Hayabusa Sponsors IBJJF

The entire Hayabusa team proudly announces our sponsorship of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). As the premier manufacturer of mixed martial arts equipment Hayabusa supports all facets of MMA from striking to the ground game. Many mixed martial arts careers are born on the mat, and we wantAi??to support all levels of athlete from the pros to the amateur ranks competing around the world. We are excited to sponsor the IBJJF and work with our new partner in our common goal, the growth and developmentAi??of the sport of jiu-jitsu.

Starting immediately No-Gi competitors in IBJJF-sanctioned tournaments can step onto the mat outfitted in the highest quality fight shorts and rashguards made by Hayabusa today. IBJJF regulations demand all fighters compete in black shorts. While No-Gi competitors canai??i??t choose their color, we offer a wide varietyAi??of professional-grade shorts in theAi??Pro Competition Shiaiai???, theAi??Mizuchiai???Ai??and ourAi??Kyoudoai???Ai??fight shorts. Each line features our patented Mechanical PolyDirectionalai??? stretch fabric, our exclusive Guardlockai???Ai??inner grip waistband system, a pro performance stretch panel and split side seams for completeAi??rangeAi??of motion. Your flexibility might keep you from finishing a submission, but our competition fight shorts never will.

We are just as excited to complement our fight shorts with the most technically advanced rashguards on the market today. The IBJJF has sanctioned the use of ourAi??Mizuchiai???Ai??rashguard featuring an aggressive design inspired by the Samurai of Japan in black and white as well as the white colorway of the more conservatively styledHaburiai???Ai??rashguard. All of our rashguards feature Advanced Thermawickai??? material to keep muscles warm and wicking away moisture, proven antimicrobrial technology, and flat-lock stitching to prevent chafing. Ai??Rashguards are available inAi??long and short sleeve optionsAi??to fit the needs and comfort of individual fighters.