Pro MMA 7oz Sparring Gloves Post Fight Review As the Official Approved Distributor for Pro MMA, we have managed to get hold of a few pictures of one of the winners from the OMMAC 11 (Olympian Mixed Martial Arts Championships) last Saturday. As you know Pro MMA, was a cosponsor of this event, providing 4oz MMA Gloves and 7oz Sparring Gloves for the fighters on the night.

After his victory on Saturday, The MMA Academy Liverpool’s, Mike Wootten, caught up with Pro MMA to give his feedback on the gloves;

“The mma gloves… Sat (OMMAC 11 Sat 3rd Sept) was the first time I had used them on the weekend. I was initially a bit worried as all fighters like the gloves to be worn in and these were fresh out the packs. I used the L/XL ones as I knew my hands would be wrapped upai??i?? as soon as I slipped them on before the fight and started hitting pads then I loved them. They are so comfy and don’t require any breaking in. They felt great during the fight!”

Great feedback from a top a fighter on the UK amateur MMA scene giving testament to the Pro MMA Advanced Pro Series 7oz Sparring Gloves, Mike can be seen wearing the gloves in action in the selection of pictures with this post. More pictures from the night will follow soon, so watch this space!