MMA Rashguard Buying Guide


With many brands and styles of Rashguards available, we’ve outlined a few key things to look out for to help make things easier for you.

1 – Short Sleeves or Long Sleeves

This is down to preference, but it is worth noting that long sleeve Rashguards will better protect you against infections that can be caught from coming in to contact with the gym mat like Staph and Ringworm.

2 – Loose Fitting or Skin Tight Fit

Again, this is also a personal preference, but some Rashguards will be purposefully made to be loose fitting. Some find this style more comfortable, however others prefer the tighter fitting style, especially if it is being worn beneath other clothing like a Jiu Jitsu Gi.

3 – Sublimated Printed Logos and Designs

One of the major deciding factors that will influence your decision on which Rashguard to get will be it’s design.

Look out for sublimated graphics, where the designs are permanently fused in to the fabric. This is desirable for two reasons, the first being comfort and the second being durability.

With most Rashguards being close fitting, the last thing you want is to be scratched by itchy stitching from an embroidered logo or pattern.

Also, this garment will come in to contact with the mat and your training partner on regular occasions, this is were vinyl printed or embroidered graphics will rub, fade and come off over time. This doesn’t happen with sublimated printing techniques.

4 – Moisture Wicking Fabric

Traditionally Rashguards were designed for those taking part in outdoor sports like surfing where the idea is to keep heat in, this is not the case with the MMA variety.

Ideally you want to keep yourself as cool and dry as possible and this were moisture wicking fabric comes in.

Moisture wicking fabric works by drawing the sweat away from your skin to the outside surface of the fabric, helping you to stay dry and cool.

5 – Flatlock Stitching

Flatlock stitching creates a smoother surface by layering one piece of fabric over the other at the seam and then stitching through the layers to secure the fabric panel areas in to place. This stitching method also increases the strength and durability of the garment.

So depending on your preference of short or long sleeve, loose or tight fitting, keep a look at for good quality Rashguards that have Sublimated Printed Logos and Designs, Moisture Wicking Fabric and Flatlock Stitching.

Different brands will have additional features and will use fabrics of varying thicknesses and stretchiness, but the points we’ve listed above are the basics of what to look out for.