New Hayabusa T Shirts now in stock

As the Official European Distributor for Hayabusa, we now have the full range of Hayabusa Spring 2013 T-Shirts in stock.

With three different styles, each in three varying colours, there’s pleny of choice available in this bold, colourful new range.

Check each of the new T’s out by clicking on the links below:


Hayabusa Gentleman vs. Beast T-Shirt



The Hayabusa Gentleman vs Beast T-Shirt is available inAi??Yellow,Ai??WhiteAi??&Ai??GreenAi??colours.


Hayabusa Brotherhood T-Shirt



The Hayabusa Brotherhhod T-Shirt is available inAi??White,Ai??BlackAi??&Ai??BrownAi??colours.


Hayabusa Olympus T-Shirt



The Hayabusa Olympus T-Shirt is available inAi??Blue,Ai??WhiteAi??&Ai??BlackAi??colours.