UFC 133 Hayabusa Sponsored Fighters

UFC 133 Hayabusa Sponsored FightersYoshihiro Akiyama is about to redefine himself. Coming off back to back losses, Akiyama is ready to show people how he has changed and evolved. Yoshihiro understands that he has to adapt and change his style to match that of his opponents. Akiyama, knowing that he was too stuck in his old ways, has started working with Tsuyoshi Kohsaka and Yushin Okami to help him better develop his overall game. These two UFC vets have started to show him how to be a “UFC style” fighter and Akiyama says he will show his true strengths in the future. This Judo stand out will be up against some of the fastest hands in the business. Vitor Belfort is as explosive as they come, but Akiyama will be ready for anything. Akiyama is known for an amazing ground game, but also has great knock out power. Belfort has shown some weaknesses in his game that Akiyama looks to expose when they meet at UFC 133. “Sexyama” will live up to his nickname as he makes his entrance wearing the Hayabusa Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi. Akiyama will be able to implement his new fighting skills with confidence knowing that the Hayabusa Pro Competition Shiai Fight Shorts he is wearing will hold up to anything. Hayabusa is proud to be sponsoring Yoshihiro Akiyama and we look forward to an amazing fight.

Rory MacDonald
 is considered by many to be the future of MMA. The future is here. Rory MacDonald proved to the world that he is a dominant force at 170 lbs. His loss to Carlos Condit, the only loss of his career, was a late third round stoppage that taught him a lot about himself and about the world of fighting. Rory rebounded from this loss with one of the most amazing performances of his career. His three round destruction of Nate Diaz was filled with cries of excitement as he repeatedly suplexed Diaz to the canvas and proceeded to put on a clinic. Rory, the third youngest fighter on the UFC roster, celebrated his 22 birthday just 2 weeks before the fight and a dominant win over Mike Pyle would be the “icing on the cake”. Rory MacDonald has unlimited potential and looks to take the next step in what many consider a most promising career. Rory will be one of the best dressed fighters at UFC 133 as he will be covered head to toe in Hayabusa. This new breed of warrior, trained exclusively in MMA, will be wearing the #1 Trusted Brand In MMA. The Hayabusa Pro Competition Shiai Fight Shorts are designed with the complete fighter in mind. Rory will be able to kick, punch and grapple with ease. Rory Macdonald is proud to be a Hayabusa fighter.

Nam Phan is looking for redemption. His last fight was a controversial split decision loss to Leonard Garcia. The loss was a tough one, as much of the MMA community felt he won a unanimous decision. This loss embodies the phrase, “Never leave it in the hands ofthe judges!” Nam will have his hands full as he takes on former WEC Featherweight champion Mike Brown. This fight has the potential to amaze, as both fighters are strong, well rounded and durable. Phan will be fighting in the Hayabusa Pro Competition Shiai Fight Shorts and will be prepared for anything. Hayabusa #1 Trusted Brand in MMA is proud to sponsor this up and coming featherweight warrior.

With well over 100 fights between them, neither Brian Ebersole nor Dennis Hallman can claim the experience advantage. These two fighters will engage in a welterweight showdown at UFC 133. Ebersole, a US native training out of Australia, is coming off a career defining win. His three round unanimous decision win over Chris Lytle was a great, hard fought victory. Ebersole, a powerful wrestler, has less fights than his opponent, but with over 50 fights to each fighter’s credit, neither can claim that advantage. Ebersole brings a more unorthodox style to the cage and he will have to keep his opponent, a submission wiz, on his toes the whole time. Tough, resilient and always ready to fight, Ebersole is the true definition of a mixed martial artist. This elite warrior is ready to take the next step in his career and will be fighting in the Hayabusa Pro Competition Shiai Fight Shorts. Hayabusa is proud to sponsor Brian Ebersole in his upcoming fight at UFC 133. Hayabusa #1 Trusted Brand in MMA.

Hayabusa wishes nothing but the best for bantamweight fighters Ivan Menjivar and Nick Pace as they go to war against each other. Both these Hayabua sponsored fighters will show what the lighter weight classes bring; speed, skill, technique and heart. Hayabusa is proud to sponsor these bantamweight warriors as they clash at UFC 133. Hayabusa #1 Trusted Brand in MMA.