How To Wrap Your Hands by MMA Fightwear


Check out our illustrated guide on how to wrap your hands using traditional cotton hand wraps for boxing training or sparring.

Before you get started, there are a couple of things to note that you will want to keep in mind when wrapping up your hands.

ai??? Get the tension right


You need to make sure that you wrap tightly enough so the wraps are not loose but not too tight to risk reducing circulation of blood flow. It may take you a few attempts before you get the right balance between comfort, fit and support.

ai??? Keep the wraps as smooth as possible


When wrapping, try to prevent them bunching up and keep the surfaces as smooth as possible. If you allow the hand wraps to wrinkle, this will not only be uncomfortable, but it will also make them less protective for your hands and wrists.


1 – Keep your hands and fingers outstretched


Before you begin to wrap your hands up, make sure that your fingers are fully stretched out. This helps with making sure that you do not wrap your hands too tightly and ensures that you are properly protected. If you wrap your hands with your fingers close together, you may find that your movements are restricted once your hands are fully wrapped up.


2 – Start with the thumb loop


Begin the process by placing your thumb through loop, making sure that the underside of the wrap is against your skin. You will know which side is the right way up as most wraps have a branded logo at one end where the Velcro fastening is, this is the side that should be visible.


3 – Wrapping the wrist


Depending on the size of your wrists and the length of the wrap itself, you should aim to wrap around the circumference of your wrist 3 to 4 times, finishing off so that the wrap is facing inwards (in the same direction as your outstretched thumb).


4 – Wrapping your hand


Bringing the wrap around the back of your hand just above your thumb and pull it across your palm to the other side. Repeat this action 2 – 3 times finishing off so the wrap is facing inwards.


5 – Wrapping your thumb


In an upward motion, wrap from the base and around your thumb and follow on by wrapping your wrist once.


6 – Wrapping your fingers


It is worth noting that variations on how to wrap hand wraps can vary and some guides tell you to close your fist when wrapping your fingers (as bring the wrap over and in between your fingers), so you may also want to give this a try when repeating steps 6 & 7.

Starting off near the base of your thumb on the inside of your wrist, bring the wrap up, over and in between pinky and ring finger.

Wrap over the top of the hand, and from the inside of your wrist again, proceed to bring the wrap over and between your ring finger and middle finger.


Repeat this action and bring the wrap over and between your middle finder and index finger, finishing off again on the inside of your wrist.


7 – Wrap your wrist again


Begin by wrapping your wrist as normal, then from the inside of the wrist, bring the wrap over the front of your hand in a diagonal direction to the outside edge of your hand.

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Bring the wrap across the palm of your hand just above your thumb, then repeat the action. finishing off by wrapping a full circumference around your wrist.

8 – Strap the wrap in place

Finally, to secure the wrap in place, simply close the Velcro panels together.

Repeat this with your other hand and you should be good to go.