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Best UFC Walkout Songs

In no particular order, check out our list of favourite UFC walkout tunes, past and present.

Nick Denis, ai???Genesisai??? by Justice

Talk about making a grand entrance! This song definitely states that you have entered the building and are about to start something!

If this one doesn’t get you pumped then you need to wake up.

Forrest Griffin, “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys

Sounding like something that would perfectly accompany a good old fashioned bar room brawl, this testosterone fuelled, folk lyric inspired track comes from the band’s aptly named album; “The Warrior’s Code”.

With no disrespect to the track itself, there is definitely an element of “stop what you are doing right now and lets smash something up” to this one.

Alan Belcher, “The Hurricane” by Bob Dylan

More of a mini bio than a song, this Dylan classic recites the story of the turbulent life of Ruben Carter, a fighter and man famous for battling and winning against the odds.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones

Find a cooler song to make your entrance to and we’ll bow down to you.

Going down a different road to the adrenaline pumping style noise fest, there’s a reason why this Rolling Stones classic has been used repeatedly by the equally cool Martin Scorcese in not one, not two, but three of his films!

Evan Tanner and Razak Al-Hassanai??i??”All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix

Another favourite with Hollywood directors, having a similar “cool” quality to it has Nogueira’s choice, this cover of a Dylan classic by Jimi Hendrix makes you feel that it’s time to brace yourself for a moments moment of reckoning that is about to happen!

Hayabusa Forrest Griffin Hall of Fame T Shirt


To celebrate one of the UFCs all time greats, Hayabusa have created this amazing limited edition Forrest Griffin Hall of Fame T-Shirt, ahead of the fighters pending retirement.

Initial responses from the public tell us that this t-shirt is going to be a winner, so you will need to be fast if you want to grab one for yourself, as they will be a limited edition, one off item!

The release dates and further details about this T-Shirt will be announced in the very near future.