MMA Training Drills – The Hip Escape

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques play a big part in the ground phase of MMA, many of which are used defensively to free yourself up from holds.

One of the most commonly used techniques is the Hip Escape. As with the Top Mount position practice drill in our previous blog post, it is possible to practice the Hip Escape without a training partner.

Hip-Escape Hip-Escape2 Hip-Escape4 Hip-Escape7Hip-Escape5 Hip-Escape6

1 / 2 – Start by lying on your back, then bring your right leg in and bend at the knee so that your right foot is firmly flat on the ground. Lifting it just a few inches off the floor, fully straighten out your leg.

ai???Ai??Cup both hands and bring them up towards your temples and raise your shoulders up from the ground.

3 – Turn your entire body to the right, keeping your arms and legs in the same position as outlined above.

4 – Just before your right elbow touches the floor, push out with both hands, extending both your arms and legs out straight.

5 – Turn your body back to the left until you are on your back once again and assume your starting position with your hands cupped up towards your temples. However this time, bring your left leg in and bend at the knee so that your foot is firmly on the ground. This time your right leg will be fully straightened out and slightly raised off the ground.

6(A) & (B)Ai??- Turning your body to the left, you will want to mirror the same manoeuvre as outlined above, and then bring yourself back in to the starting position on your back. This will complete on full repetition of this technique.

As any practitioner will know, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a highly technical discipline and requires appropriate apparel to be worn if you are to compete at certain levels and competitions. Competition and specific gym requirements can standardise the appearance and technical aspects of a Jiu Jitsu Gi, although not all tournaments and clubs impose such strict rules. You may be involved as a No Gi Jiu Jitsu practitioner, and therefore we recommend that you take a look at our previous blog that highlights the benefits of investing in a good quality Rashguard.

You might also want to check out the Jiu JitsuAi??discipline section of our website for all of your other Jiu Jitstu apparel and equipment needs.