Haburi 2.0 Compression Tops Now Back In Stock

Here at Hayabusa, we wanted to add a rashguard to our range. It had to have all of the attributes of our best gear but with a lower price tag. And that’s exactly what we have done. The Haburi compression line has all of the key features of our best sellers. It comes with a more simplistic design while still making it clear that it is a Hayabusa product.

It provides you with a body forming fit that delivers easy, unrestricted movement. And it has been engineered as a second skin with thermo-regulating tech. This will help to keep you cool and dry, ensuring comfort even under the most strenuous training.

haburi 2.0 compression tops

One of its keys features is the thermo-regulating tech that it has been made out of. This helps to optimise your body temperature. So you don’t overheat in summer and it keeps you warm in winter. Allowing you to maintain maximum muscle function and improved performance.


Providing superior protection. Haburi rashguards are designed to work as a second skin, protecting you against cuts, scrapes, and rashes during combat. The inner silicone banding around the waist will keep you compression locked down. As a result, it won’t ride up as you move to expose you to injury. And the reinforced stitching will ensure unsurpassed durability, so no holes or loose stitching.


The Haburi range comes with an athletic fit which as a result means unmatched fit and comfort. Each Haburi rashguard uses a professional athletic pattern made from a polyester elastane mix for great fit and comfort. This range has been crafted from a fully breathable fabric. The thermoregulating and wicking features will ensure your muscles are engaged and warm while keeping your skin and body dry.


Even though these tops are lightweight they are also very durable and like all of the products we make, we only use the highest quality stitching and craftsmanship. Believe us when we say this rashguard can withstand anything.

haburi 2.0 compression tops


Designed to go anywhere your battles take you. This compression exceeds the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes. Synonymous with performance, the Hayabusa compression line is a representation of uncompromised excellence. You won’t be able to train just wearing our Haburi range though and that’s why our Hexagon shorts are so popualr. You will be able to find them here. And luckily for you we have just got them back in stock.

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