Hexagon Fight Shorts, Perfect For Any Athlete

The newest addition to the Hayabusa Range is the Hexagon shorts. We decided to go in a new direction with these though and instead of making them discipline specific we have designed these to be perfect for any athlete. They are ideal for running, boxing, MMA, crossfire and fighting.

Hexagon Fight Shorts

Hayabusa Hexagon Shorts Features

These shorts have been engineered to push your performance limits, just like you do as an athlete.
They have been designed specifically for ease of movement, you will be without restriction when you put these on and that’s exactly why they are perfect for all sport and every athlete.
The inner grip around the waistband will help to lock them in place and stop them moving or falling down while you are training.
They have been built strong and rugged for the most rigorous training, so don’t worry about getting them messy.

The Hayabusa Experience

They have been build with the most rugged textiles and hardware, an unmatched stretch panel, reinforced seams to stop them falling apart and silicone waistband to keep them in place. This all comes together flawlessly for the ultimate performance short. They can be used for boxing or MMA and are therefore highly regarded as some of the best fight shorts on the market today. They are made of 100% Polyester and the uniquely designed shorts are available in black or grey. Designed for maximum comfort and an unimpeded range of motion. You won’t have any regrets when you buy these shorts. They have been engineered with cutting-edge textiles to exceed the requirements of athletes of all levels. Keep your shorts locked in place with the inner grip waistband guaranteeing a strong, secure fit.

Hexagon Fight Shorts

Why We Made It

They have been designed to go anywhere that your battles take you. They exceed the standards of the world’s most demanding athletes. Synonymous with performance, Hayabusa fight shorts are a representation of uncompromised excellence. So whether you’re striking or grappling, OCR or cross-fit, even lifting or cardio. These beasts will let you do it all. These shorts will also go perfect with our Haburi range, which you can find here. And luckily for you we have just got them back in stock.

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